Caroline Flack turned to a celebrity dating app to get over her split from Andrew Brady

LOVE Island host Caroline Flack turned to a celebrity dating app to get over her split from Andrew Brady.

The 39-year-old presenter was left devastated when her engagement to the 28-year-old Apprentice star fell apart in November last year after a tumultuous on/ off relationship.

In order to get over her heartache Caroline has now revealed that she turned to Raya – an exclusive dating app described as a "private network for people in creative industries".

She said: "I was on Raya for a while, I met quite a few people on there."

Caroline, who has previously been linked to Prince Harry and Danny Cipriani, went on to insist that she hasn't been put off love in spite of her bad experiences.

She told The Daily Star: "I'm dating. Even though I’ve had ups and downs in my love life, I do still adore love.

"Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t."

Caroline started dating Andrew in February last year, with the pair shocking fans when they announced their engagement just two months later.

However, they then had a series of bust-ups, splitting and reconciling several times over the summer before ending their relationship for good in November.

Caroline's new comments come just days after she told The Sun's Fabulous team that she is happiest being single.

She explained: "Do you know what? I don’t want to be heartbroken again. I just… can’t.

"I feel at my most calm, in control and happiest when I’m single, so at the minute that’s what I’m doing.

"I’m not relying on a relationship to complete me, so there’s no co-dependency going on. I’m just better."

Caroline also confessed that she has been on more dates this year than she previously had her entire life, adding: "Dating doesn’t mean sleeping with loads of people, by the way.

"It’s more that I’ve said yes to a drink with a lot of people this year – people I wouldn’t have said yes to before.

"People that in the past I might have said: 'Ah, he’s not my type.'"

Earlier this week, the star teased that she has a "huge secret crush" on a mystery fella but is struggling to get out of the friend zone.

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