Casualty fans slam Fenisha flashbacks as her ex-husband Matthew arrives as a new doctor

CASUALTY fans have slammed Fenisha’s flashbacks as her ex-husband Matthew arrived as a new doctor.

Viewers were angry that fave couple Ethan Hardy and Fenisha Khatri may be in trouble.

Fenisha, played by Olivia D'Lima, was having flashbacks of her ex-husband Matthew. 

New Casualty cast member Matthew, played by Osi Okerafor, piqued Fenisha's interest again as she stayed late at work to chat to him and had flashbacks to their wedding day.

Matthew’s mother was in distress in hospital and he instinctively grabbed Fenisha's hand for comfort, but Ethan saw. 

The couple has been on the rocks since last month when Ethan told Fenisha he carried the Huntington's gene and that there was a 50 per cent chance their baby, Bodhi, could have inherited the gene.

Fenisha quickly realised her motherhood experience had changed, as Bodhi will not be able to be tested for the gene until he’s 18 years old.

In tonight's episode there was an awkward moment when Ethan was managing Matthew’s mother, Lucy, in theatre and asked Matthew: “Who are you?”

To which he replied: “Her son and the locum registrar.”

Matthew clearly still has a deep love for Fenisha, possibly even enough to threaten Ethan’s connection to her.

Fans of Ethan have been vocal online, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One Twitter user said: “Don't do it Fenisha I don't trust Fenisha's ex husband she's so much better with Ethan. She needs to think about Bhodi #Casualty”

Fans were divided over Fenisha's backstory, saying: "I would sacrifice every one of these “glossy” flashbacks for just five minutes worth of good medical drama."

Others cringed, saying: “Really not sure about the fenisha flashbacks #casualty."

Others didn't mind them, with one writing: "I like the Fenisha flashbacks. Seem very weird though #Casualty."

A fellow viewer added: "I love the special effects and flashbacks in this episode. They are so effective."

Ethan’s fans were vocal too, saying: “i wanted ethan and fenisha though #casualty."

“Ethan’ll have some competition now for Fenisha. #Casualty”

Casualty airs on Saturdays on BBC One.

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