Casualty’s Michael Stevenson quits as Iain Dean after six years as hero paramedic

CASUALTY has confirmed that Iain Dean will leave the BBC medical drama.

Actor Michael Stevenson, 36, is "taking a break" from his role after playing the hero paramedic since 2012.

“With huge sadness but immense pride, I have decided to take a break from this amazing show," the actor said.

“Playing the role of Iain Dean has been a pure pleasure over the past six years, and I have nothing but fine and fond memories.

“I have laughed every day and wish to thank everyone involved at Casualty for making my time here unforgettable.”

He added: “Thank you to the fans of the show for being so supportive of Iain throughout his mental illness storyline.

“The response from the public has been astonishing, and I am incredibly proud of the work and what it has done for people’s perception and awareness of needing to talk. Iain’s journey will continue.”

The show's executive producer Simon Harper said: “After his magnificent work carrying the lion’s share of powerful story in this series of Casualty, Michael is taking a well-deserved break from this paramedic duties.

“I couldn’t be prouder of his stunning work on Casualty, and the door is wide open for his return.”

Meanwhile, the show has been benefiting from new blood as earlier this month, David Tennant's son Ty made his TV debut in Casualty.

The 17-year-old followed in his parents' footsteps when he starred as Aaron in the medical drama.

Watching her lad on-screen,  his mum Georgia wrote on Twitter: “I am so proud of Ty Tennant tonight on BBC One’s Casualty.

“He was so good they didn’t feel the need to crush him to death in a lift shaft…”

Aaron, whose dad suffered a broken neck,  found himself in Holby City Hospital after having a seizure on his birthday.

Ty's mum's tweet referenced her own brutal end on the show after she was killed in her second episode as Heather Whitefield after becoming trapped underneath a burning lift.

Just a week earlier Ty was joined by adoptive dad David on the green carpet for the premiere of Tolkien.

The pair were pictured looking dapper and laughing outside the Curzon Mayfair.

Asked whether his dad had given him any acting tips, Ty told the Daily Mail: "I got tips from everyone.

"I'm so young in my career and I'm still learning a lot and I'm so lucky to have these people around me who know the industry very well.

"And they're just very inspirational so that's something I can really thrive on. Just having these people who know their stuff."

David revealed in 2012 that he'd adopted Ty, who his wife had raised as a single parent until she began a relationship with the star.
He told the Absolute Radio that year: "My baby is almost a year old and I adopted my wife's boy last year as well so I became a father twice in six months – that's got to be something of a record hasn't it?'

David, 48, and Georgia, 34, share Olive, eight, Wilfred, five, and Doris, four.

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