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CELEBRITY Gogglebox's Roman Kemp teased that he and his famous dad Martin will be returning for another series.

Roman – who has teamed up with Uber Eats to create Mindful Mouthful, a mindfulness audio guide which aims to get people in a serene state before they sit down to eat – has teased that they will be back for the upcoming series.

The Capital Radio DJ, 29 and the Spandau Ballet star, 61 have been a firm favourite on the Channel 4 show since they first appeared in 2019.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun for Uber Eats Men's Health Month Campaign, Roman said: "We would be honoured to do Celebrity Gogglebox again.

"When we did it the first time, they only pick people for one season and then they bin them off because they're boring, so we thought we'd just be in that category but then it kept going.

"It's one of those relationships where you wait around until April or May, and you get that phone call, and they ask if you want to do it and you say yes."


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Roman, who has been open about his own mental health struggles, admitted his depression is something that "will live with him forever", but revealed his dad has helped turn his life around with one piece of advice.

"My depression is something that will be with me forever and it's about managing your up days and your down days," Roman told us.

"When it comes to mindfulness, my parents have always taught me gratitude and if I do have moments when it's getting a bit too much then I do look around and be grateful for what I have.

"My dad he gives me advice all the time, he has always said one thing to me, which has always worried me.

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"I'm always scared about life ahead and he always says there is one thing I should do and said it's something he wished he had done.

"He said when he was in Spandau Ballet, he'd get a number one record or a top 10 record or a top five record and said all they were focused on were the next thing or the next record.

"When I think about that, the main thing I want to be able to do is when I've done something good or when something nice has happened in my life, I want to enjoy it.

"I don't want to think about the next thing, you should celebrate them and live in the moment."

Along with therapy, the popular radio star said balancing his triggers has helped to manage his everyday life.

"The bad thing is that is told to people is that all mental health problems can be solved with trip to the therapist, I'll be going to the therapist for the rest of my life," the I'm A Celeb star said.

"I presume I'll be on antidepressants for the rest of my life and that's okay, that's a part of me that I learn to deal with,"

"It's about triggers, what type of week have you got, what can you cancel and what can you move around to keep yourself as happy as possible.

"Mental health is relative to the person, what I go through may seem like nothing to someone else, but to someone else what they go through may seem like nothing to me, no one suicide, or mental health emergency is the same, we're in our own heads."

Despite his incredible success, the TV favourite said he still has to pinch himself at times when he realises how far he's come.

"I'm a complete fraud, at the end of the day everyone gets imposter syndrome," Roman said.

"If you live in a big city, you think what purpose I am giving the earth and that's normal but it's about looking at what you're achieving.

"I'd rather look back on the last five years and look back on things I've done and achieved."

Speaking about peoples preconceived ideas about him, Roman added: "I don't really have nerves because I've dealt with people from school or anything like that, where there has always been a prejudice with me before meeting me, I think when you go through that you have nothing to lose, so there is no point being nervous."

The star admitted mindfulness has become an important part of his life, saying he tries to "ground" himself and to use all of his senses to take in his surroundings.

The star is promoting mindful eating which has been proven to aid digestion, reduce stress and make our food taste better.

Speaking about the campaign, Roman said: "Eating and mental health go hand-in-hand especially with emotions, being able to link a positive mindset with what you eat is so important. I get hangry, If I have five minutes before I eat to do a mindfulness session then I'm all for it.

"When I've been at low points in my life, your diet goes all over the place.

"If my house is clean then my mind is clean."

The study found only 11 per cent of men know what mindful eating is by definition, while Uber Eats found 54 per cent of the nation have recently felt very stressed and burnt out.

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More than two fifths struggle to switch off after work, with 74 per cent engaging in mindless eating habits such eating straight from the fridge.

The guide, created in partnership with a mindfulness expert, aims to help Brits get in a serene state before their takeaway arrives, 

Mindful Mouthful is available to stream for free on all major streaming platforms.

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