Celebrity SAS’ Locksmith reconnected with his estranged father after being inspired by the show – The Sun

MOST contestants describe SAS: Who Dares Wins as a life-changing experience, but for musician Locksmith it really has altered his world forever.

The Rudimental DJ was inspired by his time on the celebrity version to reconnect with his dad, who left the ­family when he was a boy.

And it was all down to DS Mark “Billy” Billingham touching a nerve during one of the interrogation scenes on the Channel 4 contest, which ends on Monday.

Locksmith said: “It was hearing from someone like Billy going through a similar ­situation where he was talking about his dad not coming to his boxing matches.

"That was the same thing for me. When I was younger I was an Arsenal youth member and I had the opportunity to become a ­professional footballer.

“I felt that if I had the right role model and help and ­direction then I probably could have got there.

“I blamed him for years. I had that chip on my shoulder.

“Every step on that show was a challenge — and my dad was another challenge. The show made me feel like the impossible was possible.”

In the series, Billy grills Locksmith on his mindset and discovers his father walked out on the family, leaving his mum to look after him and his two sisters.

Since then, Locksmith has always had a difficult relationship with his dad, but Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins made him want to try again.

The chart star said: “Being on the show and going through what I was going through — just thinking that life is too short to be holding all these grudges.

“It allowed me to harness what I felt about him and allow me to control my anger, my feelings and my temper towards him. And talk to him amicably.

“It’s not a Disney movie this, there’s a long road we have to go on, but the first steps are in place and that’s what’s most important.”

Perhaps Billy should consider switching careers to therapist.

Must watch

WHAT? Celebrity SAS: Who Dares  Wins,  C4,  9pm,  Monday.

WHY? The last episode sees finalists Tony Bellew, Joey Essex, Nikki Sanderson, Lauren Steadman, Helen Skelton and Locksmith face the interrogation stage.

Pair put the wind up Nikki

ONE of the hit show’s tough challenges was a gas for Nikki Sanderson  . . . but not in a good way.

She featured in a hilarious scene this week when Locksmith passed wind on Tony Bellew's head as they lurked in the undergrowth together.

In another moment – sadly not caught on film – the Hollyoaks star got caught in the crossfire of her two flatulent fellow recruits.

Nikki said: “I was sitting between the two boys and we’ve got a blanket over us because we’re freezing cold – and the pair of them were at it.

“I was sitting there thinking, ‘The interrogation is probably going to be better than this!’ because I was getting farted on from both sides. They were like a two-man band parping either side of me.”
That really stinks.

Bro-getter Joey

SHE squabbled non-stop with rival contestant Joey Essex but ­athlete Lauren Steadman says they ended up like siblings.

Lauren revealed: “It felt like I was with my little sister. I’d go over to him and give him a hug or he’d come over when I’d been shouted at and he’d just squeeze my hand.

“It was kind of beautiful to see how we’d gone through one moment of ‘Grrr!’ to then being, ‘Come here!’

“All I can describe it as is like a younger sister and older brother.

"Joey really wanted to show everybody there are more elements to him than what everyone else perceives. I think he was a trouper.”


HOLBY City’s Nic Jackman  has hinted that his character on the long-running BBC1 drama is set to kill again.

He said: “I’ve got a good feeling there’s more death that Cameron may be involved with.”

Hel's crazy pick

HELEN Skelton wants Catherine Tydesley to sign up for next year’s celebrity spin-off.

The former Blue Peter presenter suggested ­Corrie actress Catherine takes part because she wants to see how the instructors respond to her unique personality.

Helen said: “She’s tough as nails but also crazy and flamboyant and I’d like to see how they react to her.

“She’s kinda got that Katie Price drama queen vibe, but Cath would get on with it.”

Perhaps Lauren could give her tips on going from Strictly to SAS training.

Pornhub BBC row

THE producers of BBC smash hit drama Normal People have written to X-rated website ­Pornhub to demand it takes down steamy footage from the show.

A 22-minute compilation of sex scenes from the series was posted online by a user earlier this week.

The 12-part BBC series stars little-known actors Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones as a young Irish couple in a ­passionate and complicated relationship.

Its 41 minutes of sex scenes makes it the BBC’s steamiest drama ever.


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