Charlotte Dawson believes unborn child is reincarnation of late dad Les

CHARLOTTE Dawson believes her unborn child is a reincarnation of her late dad and famous comic Les.

Reality TV star Charlotte, 27, has received “spirit signs” from the Blankety Blank host who died suddenly when she was 18 months old.

And despite being heartbroken that Les will never meet his grandchild, the mum-to-be believes he will “live inside” her baby.

Charlotte – who made her name on MTV’s Ex on the Beach – could even give birth on her late dad’s 90th birthday.

“There have been so many signs from my dad,” Charlotte exclusively told The Sun.

"It breaks my heart that my baby will never meet him, but if it's a boy he'll live in him and if it's a girl, he'll live in her.

"You never know, he could be coming back as the baby like a reincarnation.”

The 27-year-old – who has a tattoo of Les’s face on her back – lives with a cardboard cut-out of him at home.

She was Les’s only child with his second wife Tracy and struggled growing up without a dad.

But since discovering she was pregnant, Charlotte feels closer to him than ever – with “spooky” goings-on in her home like the TV turning itself on and off again.

“I wish he was here,” said an emotional Charlotte.

“My hormones are everywhere right now so I've had teary moments and some down days thinking about him.

“I am such a daddy's girl and I'm so sad he's not here.

“I think you definitely look for signs to feel closer and there have been some spooky moments.

“I could also end up giving birth on my dad’s 90th and you just couldn't write that. It would be so magical for all of us. That will be a sign from my dad.”

The comedian, 62, dropped dead in front of his wife from a heart attack at a routine hospital appointment in 1993.

A statue was erected in his memory 15 years later in Lancashire and unveiled by his family.

Now Charlotte wants to follow in her famous dad’s footsteps by launching a career in stand-up.

Her hopes were dashed when her first gig was cancelled because of lockdown, but she’s now in talks to film her birth for a new reality show and dreams of reviving Blankety Blank in his honour.

In June, Charlotte’s family were hit by another tragedy amid the coronavirus crisis when her brother-in-law Glen took his own life.

She said: “I found out when I was about eight weeks pregnant, which was a very stressful time.

“I was extremely heartbroken for my sister, it was just awful and a massive shock.

"I feel like my pregnancy is a gift to my sister and the family, and special news but so sad at the same time.”

Charlotte says Glen’s death and the prospect of becoming a first-time mum herself made her focus on her own mortality.

The self-confessed heavy drinker went on a major health kick in lockdown and is now 18 weeks sober and 10lbs lighter after ditching takeaways and booze.

She had been struggling to conceive since starting to try for a baby last year with partner Matthew Sarsfield, 28.

Charlotte said: “I genuinely believe that changing my diet and my lifestyle really helped.

“Obviously in lockdown I was drinking like mad like everyone else was. I was waking up at the bottom of the stairs and it was really bad.

“You think it’s acceptable to black out in your own house but it’s really not. I just told Matthew that I want to change my life around.”

Within four weeks, Charlotte was expecting – and is set to give birth in February 2021.

She added: "I didn’t think much about my lifestyle before, but now there's someone else to look after I have to make sure I’m here to make their life fabulous.

“Because of my dad I know you need to live life to the full and look after yourself too.

“My child will know my dad because I will take him to the statue, celebrate his birthday and mark the day he died to keep his memory alive.

"It'll be so magical being able to watch my dad on YouTube with my own baby.

"I'm so excited to have a little person in the middle of us. I think it’s going to be a little boy.”

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