Chas' vile comment to Paddy leaves them both devastated in Emmerdale

If there was ever any tiny, miniscule amount of hope that Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) could reconcile – and let’s be fair, the hope was mainly hers – she manages to crush it, along with Paddy’s soul, in just a few words in Emmerdale.

The light that was Chas & Paddy is well and truly snuffed out.

Paddy has undoubtedly been cold and cutting in his behaviour towards Chas after revelations of her affair, but one might argue she deserved it, despite Marlon’s (Mark Charnock) protestations.

She has also given as good as she’s got, dishing her own vitriol to Paddy and demanding to live in the pub despite him making it clear having her around just continuously breaks his heart. Somehow despite this, she still seemed to hope that one day they might get things back on track.

Paddy has barely begun to heal but is attempting to move on and adapt to his new life, trying to work with Chas instead of against her in their parenting. Ah, the perfect time for her to drop a bombshell.

Chas decides to go for the honest approach and dishes Paddy the most painful truth – she tells him her love for Al was stronger than it ever was for him. Why, Chas, why?! It’s like kicking a puppy. Unsurprisingly, it leaves a large gaping wound in Paddy’s heart as he realises the gravity and reality of her words. He’s left feeling worthless, and that’s a dangerous place for him to be.

With that, their marriage is all but legally dissolved and despite Chas being the one to say what she did out of choice, she is devastated to realise she has destroyed their marriage completely and that there is no going back.

Poor Paddy is beyond crushed. Will he turn back to the bottle to cope with the rejection?

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