Chris and Rosie Ramsey admit they’re ‘not always on same page’ but marriage comes ‘first’

Comedy fans have loved Chris and Rosie Ramsey's raucous, warts-and-all podcast, Sh ** ged. Married. Annoyed. And now the couple who live in Newcastle, are bringing their banter to the small screen, for a brand new TV show, The Chris & Rosie Ramsey Show.

Talking exclusively to OK! the married stars, both 35, share laughter about each other's vexing habits and minor gripes.

But the duo admit that while they don't sugar-coat their moments of conflict, they vow to never let niggles put their marriage at risk, and always aim to rise above any squabbles they have at home.

“We’re not always on the same page,” Rosie laughs. “But we get on and we work really well together. We like to separate work, social life, marriage and family life, but they do sometimes bleed into one another. At the end of the day, though, we’ve always said that our marriage is more important than anything.”

Chris has a rather poetic take on negotiating any tricky moments as they bring up their boys Robin, six, and 16-month-old Rafe, who they welcomed to the family in lockdown last year.

“You’ve just got to feel it out, says the South Shields-born star, who also formed a successful partnership with Karen Hauer on the 2019 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

The pair brought fun to the floor, and Chris was only beaten by Karim Zeroual, Emma Barton and Kelvin Fletcher, who won with Oti Mabuse, finishing fourth.

"It’s like walking through your house in the dark. You know where everything is, but there is a chance you could stub your toe.”

But having the shared the non-idealistic side of parenting in their podcast, when it comes to talking in real life about their lives with two young children, they go weak at the knees, despite Rosie admitting she's "hanging up her ovaries" now they feel that their family is complete.

“It’s such a naff thing to say but they really do bring me so much joy. I’ve never smiled as wide as when I’m looking at Robin and Rafe and they’re being lovely,” says Rosie.

“You’ve never liked or loved anyone in the world as much as you love your kids,” Chris adds, before admitting he feels “lost” whenever he’s not around them.

But that doesn't mean family life can't be exhausting.

“I’ve never had to get up at half five in the morning unless I’m getting paid for a job. They don’t give a s**t about your wellbeing,” laughs Rosie.

“It’s f***ing tiring, but I have to be careful what I say. I’ve been away for a few days and Rosie’s been doing the lion’s share of the childcare, so if I tell you I’m exhausted I’m gonna get a glass of Ribena thrown in my face!” Chris jokes.

And the pair even put a positive spin on their busy lives and the fact that taking the podcast on tour has been the closest they've got to socialising away from the boys.

“People ask, ‘Do you have a date night,’ and I say, ‘No, we don’t have a date night, we go and do an arena show,’” laughs Chris.

The Chris & Rosie Ramsey Show, Monday, 9pm, BBC Two

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