Chris Meloni aka Detective Elliot Stabler Is on 'The Handmaid's Tale' Now and Fans Are Legit Unwell

In the criminal justice system, the sexually based offenses that happen on legit every episode of The Handmaid’s Tale would never, ever fly. Detective Elliot Stabler would make sure of that. That’s why it was so odd to see him pop up on today’s episode of The Handmaid’s Tale.

[There are spoilers coming. Hop out of this post if you haven’t watched last the episode yet!] His character is Commander George Winslow, a hot-shot D.C. person who is just as terrible as everyone else on this show. The Waterfords and June stay with his family while they’re in D.C. making the PR plea for their daughter. The Winslows have tons of kids, all fathered by the commander with various handmaids.

His character is pretty much the opposite of Detective Stabler, but that didn’t stop fans from legit losing their minds when they saw him on the screen.

@Chris_Meloni did not expect to see you on @HandmaidsTaleTV!!! But she’s excited I did!!!

@Chris_Meloni on The Handmaids Tale!!!?!? Yaaaaas

Been waiting all season for @Chris_Meloni on #HandmaidsTale! Totally worth the wait!

I just saw @Chris_Meloni on the new episode of the handmaids tale and lost it cause all I could see was detective stabler😭

Yesssss @Chris_Meloni in @HandmaidsOnHulu 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Just when I thought the Handmaids Tale couldn’t get any better this season, they bring in @Chris_Meloni 🤗👍🏼

The best surprise of the episode is seeing @Chris_Meloni walk up in #HandmaidsTale!

@Chris_Meloni is now a part of the @HandmaidsOnHulu cast and BLESSED BE THE EFFIN’ FRUIT, Y’ALL!

There is no greater gift on this shitty sick day than @Chris_Meloni popping up on Handmaid’s Tale

When you watch #Handmaidstale and @Chris_Meloni pops up on the screen

[email protected]_Meloni has gone from playing someone who threw rapists in jail to playing someone who condones rape. I’m shook.

There’s also some very noticeable thirst happening.

Daddy Chris Meloni on #HandmaidsTale

This looks like the start of Gilead Commander porn.

(#HandmaidsTale @Chris_Meloni)


Literally No One:

Commander Winslow:

Part of that thirst is coming from one scene in particular, where Commander Winslow and Commander Fred Waterford are playing pool together. At first, George kinda, sorta intentionally puts his butt almost in Fred’s lap. And at another point, he touches Fred on the shoulder. He definitely gives off a flirty vibe.

RE: that butt move, Chris told Entertainment Tonight that he did it super intentionally, but not for the fans necessarily. “I don’t do things so the fans will go wild,” he said. OKAY, sure.

He also said that there are lots of different ways to interpret the scene, but the dynamic between George and Fred is an interesting one. “The number of children [George] has is unheard of,” Chris said. “He represents everything that Fred aspires to be.”

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