Coleen Nolan opens up on miscarriage with ex Shane after doctor ‘horrified’ her

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Following Carrie Johnson's news over the weekend that she is expecting a "rainbow baby" after going through a miscarriage earlier this year, Loose Women's Coleen shared her experiences.

The panel had been talking about breaking the stigma, and the importance of sharing experiences.

Coleen is mum to Shane Nolan, 32, Jake Roche, 28, and Ciara Fensome, 20.

She recalled a miscarriage she had not long after Jake.

The star recalled: "I remember I had a miscarriage after I had Jake, he was still a baby.

"It wasn't planned, but it happened, then I miscarried very early on, I mean, it was next to nothing," she explained.

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"But I was horrified at the doctor that came to my house. We're talking 20 or so years ago so hopefully it's different now," continued Coleen.

"He came to my house, he didn't know that I haven't planned this baby forever," she exclaimed.

"He literally walked in, put his hands on my stomach and said yes, yes, you've lost your baby. Just go to the doctor tomorrow, and they can they can give you a scrape," she said angrily.

"That's what he said, and left my house. I sat there and thought 'he doesn't know that he hasn't just absolutely devastated lives'. He had no feeling at all, it was just 'Yeah, whatever, nature's way' I am glad it's definitely changed from there."

She also recalled the time her sister lost a baby too.

"I think the response sometimes when someone has a miscarriage, the feeling is – especially they've got kids – is 'well you've still got your kids' or you can try again. They never see it as a loss of a person."

"When my sister Bernie had a miscarriage after she'd had Aaron, she'd also lost a child before him," she recalled.

"The miscarriage, especially for her husband Steve, it hit him so hard. We didn't know at the time because they went away very privately. I only found out much later on," said Coleen sadly.

"When Bernie was talking about it in the newspaper, saying how hard the miscarriages had hit them. I think, especially for the husband, they felt that they probably couldn't explain to people."

If you or someone you know is struggling and needs to talk, call the free Samaritans helpline 24/7 on 116 123. You can also email [email protected] or find your local branch online.

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