College Bound! Jill Duggar's Husband Derick Dillard Wants His Son to Attend OSU

Who says the Duggars don’t believe in higher education? Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard is pushing back against his wife’s family’s tradition of skipping college. The controversial former reality TV star revealed on Instagram that his kids would “probably” go to college — and that there’s a particular school he’d love for them to attend. 

Some members of the extended Duggar family have gone to college

The immediate members of the Duggar family generally don’t attend college (though Joseph Duggar did take classes at Crown Bible College). But the same isn’t true for people who’ve married into the super-sized clan. Several Duggar girls have married men who’ve earned two- or four-year degrees, including Jill, Jessa, and Jinger. And two of those in-laws are pursuing more education. 

Jinger’s husband Jeremy Vuolo is currently working toward a graduate degree at the Master’s Seminary, while Derick, who has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, is in law school at the University of Arkansas. And Derick als wants his kids to eventually head to college. 

Derick wants his son to follow in his footsteps

The 30-year-old dad of two recently shared a photo of his son Israel posing with the Oklahoma State University mascot Pistol Pete. Derick attended OSU and played the role of Pistol Pete for two years. Now, he’s hoping Israel may be the next person in the family to wear the costume. 

“We had a great time hanging out with Pistol Pete this afternoon! Israel loved it and may end up being the first three-Pete! First generation: 1976-78; Second generation: 2009-11; Third generation: ?-?,” Derick wrote. 

Derick’s late father served as the OSU mascot during his time at the school, 25 years later, his son did as well. Now, Derick is hoping one of his boys will continue the family tradition. One follower asked if there had ever been three Pistol Petes from different generations of the same family, and Derick replied, “nope, it would be a first!”

Fans were shocked that the former ‘Counting On’ star would allow his kids to attend college 

Like all of her siblings, Jill Duggar was homeschooled, and she’s currently doing the same with her and Derick’s two kids, Israel, 4, and Samuel, 2. Some people have assumed that the family’s choice to homeschool now means they’ll keep their kids out of school forever. 

“Sadly, that won’t happen,” wrote one person on Derick’s post about wanting his son to become Pistol Pete. “Thinking that will be a no,” commented another. 

“You’d send Israel to a regular university?” asked one confused follower.

But Derick and Jill apparently don’t share her parent’s view on education. When one person asked Derick if his kids would attend college, he replied “probably.” 

Derick has previously said that he’d be open to having Israel and Sam attend public school at some point, which isn’t so surprising given that he also grew up attending public schools. And Jill has also said school isn’t out of the question and added that her kids would “probably” go college. She even thinks Israel might one day study law, just like his dad. 

But when it comes to higher education, there’s one school that Derick wouldn’t want his son to attend: OSU’s rival the University of Oklahoma. When one person suggested it was unlikely that Israel would end up being Pistol Pete, Derick replied, “True, it may not happen if he ends up being an Arkansas Razorback instead. I guess that would be ok… as long as he’s not a sooner lol.” 

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