Coronation Street Adam’s life ‘in danger’ as Lydia star teases sick revenge plot

Lydia Chambers' reign of terror is set to continue in Coronation Street next week, as she finds herself determined to break up Adam and Sarah.

And now actress Rebecca Ryan has promised Daily Star that Adam's very life is "definitely" in danger.

Soap spoilers have already revealed that Lydia is set to pretend she spent the night with Adam, after a hotel calls Sarah's phone to inform her that they've located the ladies' watch from his last visit.

As Sarah confides in Lydia and rummages through Adam's receipts, she finds one from an expensive lingerie shop in London. Upon calling the hotel back, it's confirmed that Adam ordered champagne and oysters to his room.

Confronting Lydia, she fakes tears and admits she and Adam are having an affair – making out that they simply couldn't resist each other.

Though Adam insists Lydia is lying through her teeth, with so much proof in front of her, can Sarah ever trust her partner again?

It certainly isn't the end of Lydia's story, as Rebecca Ryan has vowed that she will go to "extreme lengths" to get revenge on Adam for hurting her in the past.

Speaking to Daily Star and other press, she confessed: "Lydia has covered all bases and gone to extraordinary lengths – and not only that, but she’s put things into place weeks before.

"So the conversations she’s had with Sarah weeks before that you wouldn’t even know meant anything, she was laying the groundwork already for things she knows will happen.

"She’s been very clever and manipulative definitely. This is a well thought out plan for sure."

The star went on: "She definitely does go to some extreme lengths, so I’d say there could definitely be a danger to Adam. He could definitely be in some danger, let’s just say!"

But Lydia isn't an out-and-out villain, Rebecca explained.

She said: "Towards the end of [the storyline] you can see her reasoning for doing what she does.

"Yeah, she might take things too far to get her point across – but I hope it comes across that you kind of feel for her, and know she’s doing this not because she’s a bad person and wants to ruin lives for the sake of it, but she is doing it because she has genuinely been broken.

"She is potentially trying to save someone else from going through what she went through.

"So hopefully at the end of it, we can see she’s not just a crazy person who is trying to ruin everyone’s lives for the sake of it."

Rebecca continued: "She does feel terrible that she’s done this to Sarah and that she’s so upset about it, but in a weird way it’s her trying to help her."

In Lydia's mind, she definitely has reason to hate Adam – especially, as Rebecca explains, as she blames him for her break-up with Daniel.

"That relationship with Daniel was very genuine – she genuinely liked him," she explained. "They got on really well and had a lot in common.

"That was a very genuine relationship for her, and because Adam is always quite hostile towards her, instead of blaming Daniel for what happened she puts it on Adam as well.

"That’s another thing – she feels he’s not only in the past ruined her life, but still trying to ruin her life by turning Daniel against her.

"She’s built that up in her head as well, that everything to do with Daniel is Adam’s fault and he’s been putting ideas in his head to break them up."

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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