Coronation Street arrest as Adam Barlow hospitalises Lydia in horror fight?

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ITV soap fans could soon see Adam Barlow (played by Samuel Robertson) in trouble with the law on Coronation Street as tensions rise between him and his ex Lydia Chambers (Rebecca Ryan). Ever since she arrived on the cobbles, Lydia has been stirring up trouble between Adam and his wife Sarah Barlow (Tina O’Brien). She recently succeeded in splitting the couple up, but viewers are speculating about her motives. Some fans suspect Adam could be the real father of Lydia’s son. If so, Adam would likely be angered that she’s kept the child a secret from him for so many years. Could the pair end up fighting when the truth comes out?

Adam previously revealed he and Lydia briefly dated while at university together.

However, Lydia hinted there was much more to their relationship than Adam recalled.

Lydia has also suggested their romance didn’t end well as she spoke about him “messing up her life”.

However, it’s not yet been revealed what really happened all those years ago.

Coronation Street viewers have predicted another plot twist could be on the horizon as Lydia could soon drop a bombshell on Adam.

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, many fans have theorised that Adam could be the real father of Lydia’s son, Finn.

@russelltruran questioned: “What is Lydia up to? Is Adam the father of her son? #Corrie.”

“So will Lydia’s invisible child turn out to be Adam’s? #Corrie,” @BeeE2002 wrote.

“I assumed he was the dad of her son?” @acraftycow commented.

“What could Adam have possibly done to f*** Lydia up so bad? Seriously? Unknowingly walked out on her when she was pregnant? Exactly how old’s her Son? Around Harry’s age maybe? #Corrie,” @griannedoherty2 said.

@michellepryde posted: “So Lydia’s son is going to turn out to be Adam’s isn’t he? #Corrie.”

“Adam is the father of Lydia’s child #Corrie,” @paddy100 predicted.

Could Adam really be the father of Lydia’s son, Finn?

If so, Adam will likely be angry when he finds out the truth and hit out at Lydia for keeping it a secret.

Lydia could end up rowing with her ex as she details the challenges she’s faced over the years as a single mother.

However, a war of words could quickly turn to disaster if they aren’t careful.

Could Adam end up accidentally pushing Lydia to the ground in an attempt to get her to back off?

If Lydia takes a nasty tumble she could suffer some serious injuries and end up in hospital.

Will the police turn up and arrest Adam for assault? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Coronation Street continues Monday at 8pm on ITV.

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