Coronation Street fans baffled as Nick grows a full beard in minutes in hilarious filming blunder

CORONATION Street fans were left scratching their heads last night as Nick Tilsley grew a beard in a matter of minutes.

Not only did his facial hair sprout at a miraculous rate but his hair colour also changed colour.

The blunder comes after the soap tried marrying footage filmed before lockdown with new scenes.

The character was completely clean shaven when he stepped onto the cobbles at 5.30am.

He threw on his dressing gown to chase after Leanne who was desperate to fetch her terminally ill son Oliver from Steve's house.

But in his next scene that was meant to be later the same day, Nick sported a full beard leaving viewers confused.

One wrote on Twitter: "They can simulate a tram crash but can’t find the special effects to ensure Nick’s hair is the same colour throughout one episode."

Another shared: "Watching #corrie & had to rewind to check I wasn't seeing things. Nick starts day with new haircut & no beard & by mid-morning he's got his usual stubble & longer hair."

A third posted: "My wife is watching Corrie,Nick Tilsley can grow a beard in 2 minutes,terrible continuity."

While another commented: "Anyone else notice the different haircuts in Corrie tonight? Clearly different scenes filmed months apart lol nick has long hair then it’s short.

"Sally can barely see her fringe is that long then next minute it’s short again. Made me chuckle!! #coronationstreet."

Later this week Leanne faces up to her son's death in heartbreaking scenes.

Soap fans were recently left sobbing as the news of baby Oliver's terminal diagnosis sent shockwaves through Weatherfield.

Oliver could have a fatal fit at any moment after he was found to have mitochondrial disorder, with his anguished mother Leanne (Jane Danson) saying she had "nothing to live for" if he died.

This sent her adoptive son, Simon Barlow, into meltdown and he abandoned her, with Nick then attacking Peter Barlow for telling Leanne.

With all of this to deal with, Leanne is pushed to the edge as she begins to lash out at those closet to her.

Viewers will see Leanne lose her patience this week as Oliver stays with dad Steve McDonald.

Upset by his diagnosis, she ends up heading to Steve's home at the break of dawn in her pyjamas and a stressed state.

But before she can make it, Nick manages to stop her and assures her Oliver is safe with Steve.

After her outburst, Nick speaks to Dr Gaddas and the doctor agrees that Leanne needs support.

Although they have her best interest at heart, Leanne flips when they suggest therapy and medication to help her cope.

But she refuses and reiterates that she wants to focus on Oliver.

Her sister Toyah then attempts to help Leanne but she pushes her away and snaps, telling her that she can never understand how she feels.

Bereft at the thought of her son's death, Leanne hurls nasty comments towards her sister, leaving them both in tears and Leanne feeling isolated once again.

Eventually Toyah accepts Leanne's apology and suggests that Leanne should attend a support group for parents who have children with terminal illness.

Despite Leanne's protests, Toyah knows the group leader Josie and brings her round to see her.

Although initially defensive, Leanne lets her guard down when Josie starts relaying her own tragic story.

But can Josie help Leanne to process Oliver’s fate and process the grief that is ripping her life apart?

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