Coronation Street icon Sarah Platt jailed for killing manipulative Lydia over Adam lies?

Coronation Street: Sarah Platt applies lip liner

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In recent weeks, Lydia (played by Rebecca Ryan) has been growing closer to Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) forming a friendship with the Underworld factory worker. Sarah is aware Lydia was in a short-lived romance with her husband Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) and believes her new friend has no feelings for him, and simply wants to start a new life in Weatherfield. However, Adam is certain Lydia wants revenge for him breaking up with her and in upcoming Coronation Street episodes, he could see his life ruined by his former flame.

Next week, Lydia turns up at Underworld and tells Sarah she has tried to end things with the married man she’s been seeing.

Planting the seed the unknown man is obsessed with her, Lydia tells her friend he refuses to accept things are over.

Sarah later reveals details of Lydia’s married man to Adam and explains she feels sorry for her pal.

Meanwhile, Lydia turns to Sean (Antony Cotton) and breaks down in tears claiming she is dealing with man trouble.

Sean offers to speak to Sarah and ask her to keep an eye out for Lydia, unaware she is planning to ruin her life.

Meanwhile Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) shows Adam a series of online reviews, slating him as a solicitor. Sarah tells Lydia about the online abuse Adam’s being subjected to but she shrugs it off and tells the mother-of-three her ex won’t stop texting her.

Later on, Lydia spots Sarah and Adam arguing about her, and it will become clear to viewers she’s about to ramp up her torment on her ex.

After her argument with Adam, Sarah answers his phone to Sasha from the hotel informing her a ladies’ watch has been found from his last visit.

As Sarah questions who it could belong to, Lydia drops into conversation she spent the night with her ex at a hotel.

Suspicious of Lydia after her admission, Sarah heads home to search through Adam’s receipt and finds one for an expensive lingerie shop in London.

Furious, she calls the hotel back to ask about Adam’s bill and the receptionist confirms he enjoyed champagne and oysters.

Wanting answers, Sarah goes to confront Lydia, who breaks down and claims she and Adam are having an affair.

Lydia claims they couldn’t keep their hands off each other just as Adam interrupts the women.

Adam insists to Sarah he’s not been unfaithful and Lydia is lying in an attempt to split them up.

But he’s stumped when Sarah produces receipts for lingerie and a night in a hotel.

Can Adam convince Sarah he’s not having an affair with Lydia?

The couple have been through so much together so it’s possible Adam will be able to convince Sarah that Lydia has been lying and they need her out of their lives.

Furious she has been hoodwinked by Lydia, Sarah could head around to her flat to confront her about her lies.

Lydia is desperate to ruin Adam’s life so it’s possible she could goad Sarah even further, taunting her about her romance with Adam.

Not wanting to hear anymore, Sarah could attack Lydia, wanting to silence her.

But Sarah could go too far when she takes out her anger on Lydia and leave the newcomer for dead?

Adam would want to protect Sarah from prison but with the evidence stacked against them, Lydia could have the last laugh from beyond the grave as the factory worker is jailed for murder.

Will Lydia succeed in tearing Adam and Sarah apart?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV from 7.30pm.

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