Coronation Street planned pandemic starting in Tyrone’s pigeon loft but ditched ‘unrealistic’ plot before covid

CORONATION Street boss Iain Macleod has revealed the soap’s writers planned to have a coronavirus style pandemic last year beginning in Tyrone Dobb’s pigeon loft.

It would have seen Tyrone take up pigeon racing in honour of late Corrie legend Jack Duckworth – and see it go horribly wrong.

The executive producer told how the storyline was eventually rejected last year for being “too out there”.

Speaking at the soap’s 60th anniversary press call, he said: “About a year ago when we were talking about what we were doing for our 60th anniversary, two of our writers pitched a story for a global pandemic would you believe. 

“It originated in Tyrone's pigeon loft, he would have taken up racing pigeons in honour of Jack [Duckworth] and it came in as some kind of form of bird flu.

“It would have spread around the street and the consensus around the writing room was, ‘No, it's just far too far-fetched, nobody is going to buy that’. 

“And then fast forward to now and it all looks horrible prescient.”

The real-life pandemic has affected the soap’s 60th anniversary plans, which will take place on December 9.

Bosses were planning a huge stunt for the occasion but had had to drastically scale back their plans due to social distancing guidelines.

“The fundamental essence of all the stories we were telling, are the ones you will are on our 60th anniversary and in and around that week,” he said.

“So we had to strip away some of the stunts, we were going to build some stuff without putting two finer points on it, but we physically couldn't get enough design personnel into our construction shed to make the things we wanted to make, so we had to jettison that idea. 

“In terms of the stories we were telling and the stories we are telling, they're fairly much the same thing and what it's forced us to do is to some degree go back to brass tacs and focus on character and writing and performance.

"Still keep the brilliant stories, but just boil them down to their essence and arguably I would suggest truer to the original version of Coronation Street than the slightly more bells and whistles we were going to do so theres few upsides to this pandemic.”

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