Coronation Street theory: Spider Nugent’s wife unveiled as Violet Wilson in affair twist

Coronation Street: Toyah refuses to leave with Spider Nugent

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Spider (played by Martin Hancock) has reunited with former lover Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) in recent weeks on Coronation Street, in light of her husband, Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) dying. After he got himself in trouble trying to help some homeless people, the eco-warrior disappeared again as he didn’t want to bring any further problems to Toyah’s door. However, when she needs his help in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, it seems the pair could be catching feelings for each other again, which would be tricky if Spider is already betrothed to Violet Wilson (Jenny Platt).

The drama begins next week as Spider decides to pop by and pay Toyah a visit, knowing she must still be struggling with Imran’s death.

After hearing how lonely she feels, Spider has a word with Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) and it’s not long before the sisters are moving in together.

With not many people looking out for her recently, Toyah thanks her former lover for being the friend she needed at this moment.

As Toyah packs up her things, Spider offers to help but Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) makes some sly remarks about the pair in the street.

Not standing for it, Spider launches into a tirade and tells him to mind his own business but this only leads to him getting into more trouble.

It’s not too long before Toyah discovers Spider has been arrested at a protest and needs her help in getting him out.

She soon arrives at the police station and fights his corner, resulting in the troublemaker getting a slap on the wrist from the authorities.

Back in the flat, the two characters thank each other for their support recently and Toyah decides to lean in for a kiss.

In the moment, Spider reciprocates the passionate exchange and Toyah decides to lead her former lover through to the bedroom.

However, the romantic moment is cut short as once they’ve slept together, Toyah asks her ex-boyfriend to leave the flat.

It’s going to be a corker

Martin Hancock

When Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) later calls around to check on her neighbour, Toyah reveals she has slept with Spider.

There is no judgement from Abi as she explains to Toyah she is still grieving and this is part of the process for her.

After Toyah speaks with Spider again, she asks if they can just be friends and he is more than accommodating to her request.

As they go for a drink at the Rovers Return, Leanne is concerned to see her sister with Spider again as she thinks she is falling for him.

This could prove to be a big problem if she is as Spider is later seen taking a phone call and telling the person on the other end that he will be back soon.

It could very well be Spider is actually married and tied the knot with his wife just before he made his trip to the cobbles from London.

Another former character who has been living in London since they left Weatherfield is Violet, the mother of Dylan Wilson (Liam McCheyne).

Sean Tully’s (Antony Cotton) son hasn’t seen Spider on the cobbles as of yet so he wouldn’t have any idea his stepfather was spending time with Toyah.

Spider and Violet could have bonded over the fact they both lived on Coronation Street at one point and their relationship could have moved quite quickly.

In fact, because of the pandemic, they could have moved in together and married just over a year later in a small ceremony.

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Dylan might not even realise they are married as he has been spending the summer with his father, Sean, on the cobbles.

However, after reading about Toyah, he knew he had to leave his new wife after the wedding and go to pay his former lover a visit.

He could have lied about his whereabouts to his spouse, not wanting her to worry he would get back with Toyah.

After sleeping with Toyah, Spider now knows he needs to return to his wife before he starts to develop feelings for his former lover.

How will Toyah react if his secret is revealed and will he tell her how his wife has a connection to Weatherfield as well?

The actor who plays Spider, Martin, previously teased his character would have a secret he would be keeping from Toyah upon his return.

Martin explained: “Toyah is one of his oldest friends and he’s extremely worried about what she’s been through.

“He will do what he can to help. Spider being back in her life gives her a welcome distraction from everything that is going on, which she needs, but yes, there is more to it.

“And that is all I’ll say at this stage. It’s going to be a corker, and I was surprised when I found out what is coming up.

” I thought I was just coming back to open a mung bean shop,” he told

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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