Coronation Street viewers distracted as they spot blunder in Hope's revenge

HOPE Stape chose violence during last night's trip to Weatherfield after finding out what Phill Whittaker has been hiding.

But Coronation Street viewers wondered how she understood how to operate the giant digger she was using to get revenge.

Viewers have been suspicious of Phill Whittaker (portrayed by Jamie Kenna) since his first arrival in the cobbles.

However, it took time before Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) could figure out what her mother's boyfriend had been up to.

Fiz Stape's daughter stayed home from school during Monday's episode of the ITV soap, claiming she felt ill.

While her mother left their fancy new home, she left Phill in charge of Hope and with construction work going on at his new house, the character was at a loss when it came to distracting the child from trouble.

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He eventually left her with his laptop, not once thinking she would find out his secret.

Unfortunately for him, she caught on and in true Hope Stape style, went on a rampage to protect her mother Fiz, despite feeling poorly.

Hope took control of a giant digger left unattended by a construction worker and destroyed Phill's car windshield right in front of him.

Fans were left in stitches when seeing the girl display a satisfied smile after the deed – but noted one major blunder.

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How did Hope understand the digger's complicated machinery?

Viewers have been desperate to find out.

One of them penned: "Hope knows how to operate a mini digger HOW??", while another wrote: "And just like that Hope knows how to use a big bit of plant machinery!"

A third questioned: "How does Hope know how to operate that", adding crying laughing emojis in their comment.

"I know that Hope is not your ordinary devil-child", a fourth chimed in, "but how did she get the keys to operate the digger? And more importantly, how does she even KNOW how to operate one?"


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"Hope Stape with the JCB licence, wonder if she’s free at the weekend. I'm meant to be digging out a pond!!", one viewer quipped.

Another soap fan was clearly defeated after watching the scene: "I have so many questions about how a 10 year old knows how to start and operate a digger, but I'm not going to bother."

One final viewer complained: "How the f*** did Hope know how to operate a mini digger??? Fiz needs to get that kid sectioned."

As viewers found out last night, Hope uncovered a folder named "STAPE" on Phill's laptop and was shocked to find it contained research material on her serial killer father John.

This prompted them to comment on Phill's poor choice of organisation.

"If I was going to store stuff about my new partner’s murderous ex on my laptop I’d definitely name the file with his surname", one viewer added.

Another one wrote: "Note to Philly: If you don't want your girlfriend finding out you have research on your computer regarding her ex psycho serial killer, perhaps don't name the folder on your laptop after the surname of her deceased former husband."

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Overall, Corrie fans were amused by tiny but mighty Hope's vengeful streak with one viewer writing: "That was strangely satisfying, Hope” as another said: “Hope wrecking his car has made my day. Fire starter."

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm.

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