Coronation Street’s Hope murder plot, James fights back and Alina left to die

Coronation Street fans best buckle their seat belts, as Coronation Street spoilers reveals that things are about to literally heat up on the cobbles.

After feeling neglected by her father Tyrone Dobbs, Hope Stape begins to plot her next move, but has the young lass taken things a step too far?

Elsewhere, James Bailey is still feeling angered by his racist police encounter last week and expresses his concerns to Craig Tinker.

But when Craig tries to help he finds out something he wasn't expecting from his co-worker.

Meanwhile pregnant Alina Pop becomes the centre of an arson attack. But has a jealous Hope got anything to do with the fire?

Hope murder plot

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Tyrone Dobbs and his pregnant girlfriend Alina Pop have tried their best to ensure Tyrone's children, Hope Stape and Ruby Dobbs are included in their new baby plans.

But despite Tyrone's best attempts, daughter Hope is still feeling abandoned.

On Monday's episode, expectant dad Tyrone begins to prepare drinks to celebrate Alina's pregnancy. However things don't go to plan when Alina is rushed to hospital with stomach pains.

The couple rush to hospital with haste while abandoning their celebration plans.

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At the hospital, the sonographer used on Alina confirms that the baby is fine and all is well. Having collected Hope on their way, Tyrone and Alina return back home.

Hope appears to want to form a bond with Alina and her unborn child and presents her with a toy dinosaur for the baby.

Alina is delighted by Hope's present and thanks her for the gift.

But Hope begins to turn sour when happy couple Tyrone and Alina discuss the fact they’re having a baby boy.

Feeling enraged by the news, Hope stares at the dinosaur with growing fury and begins to mentally plot her next moves.

Later on when Fiz comes over to collect her, Hope steals Alina’s keys.

James fights back

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Last week footballer James Bailey became the victim of racism after police officer Brady pulled him and his brother Michael over and restrained him.

Clearly disappointed and hurt by what took place, James tells Craig Tinker that all he had to do was provide the truth but he let him down.

Craig feels awful by what's happened and later tries his best to help out.

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While at the police station, Craig questions PC Brody and asks him about the incident that took place and his handling of James' arrest.

But Craig is horrified when PC Brody suggests that black people are just over sensitive.

Robert, the County Manager, goes to James' home to inform him that the case won't be going any further but Robert's glee infuriates James and he tells Michael he refuses to give up and he’s going to appeal.

Shock Alina arson

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Hope continues to feel rather neglected by her father Tyrone but things begin to boil over quite some bit.

Following her hospital dash earlier in the day, Alina admits she’s feeling tired and persuades Tyrone that he should still attend the drinks he previously arranged at the hotel with his friends and leave her to have an early night.

Elsewhere, Hope surprises her mother Fiz Brown when she declares that she wants nothing to do with the new baby and hopes he’s never born,.

Angered by Hope's admission, Fiz orders her to go to bed early. But Hope has other plans and sneaks out of the back door and lets herself into Alina and Tyrone's flat to retrieve her dinosaur, believing Alina to be out at the celebrations.

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Hope lets herself back into number 9 and Fiz is totally oblivious f her whereabouts.

Back at the flat pregnant Alina sleeps soundly as smoke starts to creep under her bedroom floor.

While on the street, Eileen Grimshaw and Sally Webster see the smoke emerging from the salon flat and are horrified when they realise the building is on fire.

Having taken a call from Evelyn Plummer, a shocked Tyrone tells his mate Kirk they need to get home immediately.

Luckily Alina is saved from the flames. Fiz, Evelyn, Sally and Eileen stand back as Alina is loaded into the ambulance.

Tyrone arrives back at the street and climbs in with her. Hope watches everything unfold from her bedroom window, but was the fire anything to do with her?

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