Coronation Street’s Ryan Clayton hints David did stab Josh in prison riot

Coronation Street saw David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) get caught up in a tense prison riot.

Viewers discovered last week that there would be a commotion behind bars after Abe suggested David should attack his rapist Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton), after discovering they were locked up together.

In the second of tonight's episodes, a frantic David rang Shona (Julia Goulding) and told her he needed a lawyer because Josh had been stabbed.

While David denies any involvement in the attack on his enemy, actor Ryan Clayton says David absolutely does have it in him to seek revenge.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Ryan said: "Yeah, I do [think David could do it].

"I think a lot of people can empathise with David's situation. I think that, with anything, you've got brilliant story-telling and you empathise with people in that situation.

"The viewers are completely on David's side. They obviously don't want him to do that because you realise the comeuppance and the aftermath that would cause David.

"But I think people can almost put themselves in that situation and believe that he could do it, it is possible, but equally, things would change if he were to do that."

The last time viewers saw Josh, he'd been beaten up by one of his other victims and was left without his sight.

His sight has returned now, which Ryan jokes is "a lot easier – but it was good fun".

He told us: "I love a challenge and that was one hell of a challenge.

"He's still got other disabilities, like he's broken his ribs, so there's playing with that again.

"It would be nice to be playing him when he's a fully functioning human being again, but it's nice. Any challenge, I'll take on and I enjoy it.

Josh was last seen in October 2018, when David abandoned Josh in the street completely helpless.

Now, a year later, Ryan is glad that Corrie is revisiting the storyline, which made for some harrowing viewing last year.

He told us: "I think it's the perfect scenario to bring him back.

"I think it ended will with the people who have been through it – they're not seeing David go through this huge retaliation, because he didn't need to do that when he was on the outside.

"Josh was there, this whimpering, pathetic, blinded… he was pathetic

"In that sense, David had won, and I think it is important that they're not just doing complete retaliation stories."

However, he added: "Obviously the situation now, he's been put in prison, it has changed massively, because Josh is in that environment and David has got people around him telling him to do that.

"I think it's understandable that he has got people around him telling him to do it, so you can imagine he might have it in him to take it that step further."

Ryan also confirmed that Josh survives the attack, telling us: "I can say that you're not getting rid of him that easily."

And it seems things are set to get even worse for David – or whoever it is that attacked Josh.

Ryan told us: "I think he's a very vengeful person, anything like that he would be.

"Anyone who tries to get at Josh, he would be a very vengeful person."

Coronation Street continues Wednesday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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