Coronation Street’s Stephen could kill family member next says co-star

Coronation Street: Stephen Reid commits second murder

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His family has no idea about his evil secrets, but could one of them end up being his next victim? Stephen (played by Todd Boyce) surprised his Weatherfield stalwart mother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) when he turned up in Coronation Street last year, but away from his family’s watch, his dark side has been revealed. He works closely with his niece, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) who’d like to follow in his footsteps business-wide. Actress Tina has hinted that her character might be the next person to be killed – would the ruthless criminal really murder his own family member?

Stephen pretended he’d joined his family on the cobbles because he wanted to spend more time with his ageing mother.

Giving the impression he was loaded, the truth was that Stephen was struggling financially and had been involved in some criminal activity.

As soon as Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) suspected him of something untoward, Stephen wasted no time in killing him and disposing of his body.

Months later, Leo’s father, Teddy Thompkins (Grant Burgin) began to notice that Stephen was probably connected with his son’s disappearance.

After confronting a scared Stephen, Teddy became his next victim, and the murderer managed to remain under the radar in both cases.

Sarah actress Tina explained how her character might react if she found out the truth about her villainous uncle.

“Oh, she’d be devastated,” Tina revealed. “Sarah looks up to him; he gave her an opportunity and a career in Milan and she listens to his advice.”

Talking to Inside Soap, she went on to label her trusting character as “oblivious”.

“I don’t think anybody is safe,” she told the publication. “If he winks at me funny, I’m going to panic and start running from the building!

“Sarah is one of the closest people to him, so if she finds out, she might be the next one to go.”

Could Sarah really be the next innocent victim of her uncle Stephen?

She has been a part of the soap, on and off, since 1999 and has been at the centre of some of the soap’s biggest storylines.

Perhaps her close business relationship with him will see her uncovering something she isn’t supposed to see.

While Stephen believes he has disposed of all the evidence, it’s possible he has missed something.

It’s plausible that Sarah, spending time in her uncle’s company, spots something that indicates he’s guilty of getting rid of Leo and/or Teddy.

It would be extremely out of character for Sarah to keep quiet about it, and she’d probably confront her uncle and threaten to reveal the information to someone else.

As viewers have seen before, Stephen has no issue with going to extreme lengths to keep his dark secrets hidden.

Maybe he will decide his only option is to murder his niece.

Audrey, of course, has no idea about who her son really is.

When the truth eventually all comes out, and if Stephen does in fact kill Sarah, the elderly character would no doubt be heartbroken to know her formerly estranged son had wreaked so much tragedy on her family.

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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