Coronation Street's Tracie Bennett hints Sharon Bentley will return after fleeing the cobbles

CORONATION Street star Tracie Bennett has hinted she will be back for more in the soap after Sharon Bentley fled the cobbles.

The evil schemer was seen driving away on Tuesday night after her henchman Robbie was caught after trying to murder Gary Windass.

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And now actress Tracie has hinted she will be back on the cobbles soon.

Thanking fans on Twitter, she wrote: “Thanks so much you guys for understanding the journey. 

“And @itvcorrie et al and @JoJoHarvey and writers and directors and crew for putting up with me thus far to execute the slow torture plodding and the prodding away of the complex Sharon who was like an ox in a plough field.

“Keep watching… Av iiiiiiit some more.”

Fans were in shock after Sam Blakeman got revenge on his kidnapper by knocking him out – and saving Gary's life.

The science-mad kid smacked gun-toting kidnapper Robbie over the head with his telescope to stop him from shooting Gary dead.

In Tuesday night’s episode Sharon’s evil scheme was revealed to everyone – and thwarted.

After taking Rita hostage in the Kabin, Sharon tried to pour her heart out and explain to her foster mum how she ended up embroiled in the drugs gang.

But when Gary spotted the van used to kidnap Sam, he realised Sharon was inside with Rita and kicked the door down to rescue her.

Following her out he saw her get into the van and snatched the keys so the kidnapper couldn’t escape.

However, he was chased and the man had a gun with him – leaving Gary at the mercy of kidnapper Robbie and Sharon.

She pleaded with Gary to hand over the keys: “Gary please, let’s not do anything stupid. This is nothing to do with you love.”

“I just don’t want to see anyone get hurt,” Gary said.

Robbie then said: “This won’t take long. No loose ends, remember?”

Sharon broke down but left Gary to be killed by Robbie – but little Sam Blakeman heard the commotion behind the gardens and went to investigate.

As Robbie shot Gary, Sam smacked him over the head with his giant telescope – knocking him out and making his shot miss Gary by inches.

“He missed me,” Gary said, relieved.

“Don’t you worry mate because I’m fine because of you.”

Meanwhile Sharon sat in the van waiting for Robbie’s return but when he didn’t come – she drove the van off herself to make her own escape.

Fans were in shock at the scenes.

One wrote: "Yes Sam you little legend!"

A second said: "Sam saved the day! Ffs, what a comedy!"

Another added: "Awwwwww little Sam saved Gary"

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