Courteney Cox Is Binge-Watching 'Friends' During the Quarantine, But How Did She Do On a Quiz About Monica Geller?

Courteney Cox is leaning on her old show Friends to get her through the coronavirus quarantine. The actress recently revealed that she just started re-watching Friends and admitted that the series if “really good.” While Cox is re-living her glory days on the small screens, how would she fare in trivia about her iconic character Monica Geller?

What is Cox doing during the quarantine?

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, Courteney Cox and her daughter, Coco, offered their followers a little entertainment on social media. The pair did an impressive cover of the song, “Burn,” from Hamilton.

The two had attempted to cover the song a few days ago onFaceTime while talking to Ellen DeGeneres. But that rendition failed when Cococompletely forgot the lyrics and accidentally fell.

“Coco and I were pretty embarrassed by our last attempt at thissong when talking to @theellenshow sowe had to redeem ourselves,” Cox captioned the video.

Friends fans were pleased by the performance and several celebrities praised the duo for doing something productive during the quarantine, instead of just laying around and binge-watching shows.

“You win Quarantine ! Go Coco!” Reese Witherspoon shared, whileErin Foster added, “So quarantine just basically made you guys completelymusical?! Wtf I’ve just been sleeping.”

This is not the first time Cox and her daughter have showcasedher singing talents. They previously posted a clip of Coco singing“Anyone” by Demi Lovato with Cox playing the piano.

Courteney Cox binge-watches ‘Friends’

When she is not practicing songs with her daughter, Cox has beenrelaxing by watching the show that made her famous, Friends. That’sright, Cox has officially started watching the entire run of Friendsduring the quarantine.

According to EntertainmentWeekly, Cox opened up about the classic sitcom during an interviewwith Jimmy Kimmel (who has moved his show to YouTube for the lockdown).

“I decided during this time — people love the show so much —I decided to binge-watch Friends,” she told Kimmel.

So far, Courteney Cox has only made it to the first season, though she definitely has time on her hands to get through a good portion of the show. We are not sure if this is the first time Cox has watched the entire series, but it sounds like it could be.

You might think that Cox would be an expert on everything relatedto Friends, but she told Kimmel that she would be pretty awful at a Friendstrivia.

Kimmel tests Cox’s Monica Geller knowledge

In the interview, Cox confessed that she always gets super stressed out when people ask her to do a Friends trivia. As fans will recall, Cox took part in a trivia game with Charlie Puth last fall.

“I don’t even remember even being on the show. I have such a badmemory,” she explained. “I remember loving obviously everybody there, andhaving fun, and I remember certain times in my life that I was there. But Idon’t remember episodes. I would never pass. I fail every test.”

While she is not that great at answering questions about Friends,Cox vowed to get better during the quarantine. If she gets through all 10seasons of the show, it is safe to say that she will probably do better at Friendstrivia in the future.

Kimmel, of course, could not resist and showed old footage of Coxgoing up against one of the show’s biggest fans, Anthony, who also happens tobe his cousin. Needless to say, the actress did not do well.

Anthony thoroughly beat Cox and even knew the names of her character’s parents. Cox, on the other hand, could not remember who Monica kissed first on the show, which happened to be her brother, Ross (David Schwimmer).

HBO delays ‘Friends’ reunion

Aside from being terrible at Friends trivia, Cox revealedthat the entire cast was supposed to reunite for a special reunion this week.Those plans, of course, were canceled in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is unclear when HBO will resume filming the special. It has been 16 years since the show called it a wrap, and all six of the original stars are set to reunite for the reunion, including Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer.

Cox went on to say that all of her co-stars met with a producerfrom HBO, except for Schwimmer,who could not make the meeting. The actress revealed that it was great catchingup with everyone, so it sounds like the unscripted special is going to be a lotof fun.

“We had a meeting except for David Schwimmer, who was in NewYork. So, we were all in the same room, which was really fun,” Cox stated.

The special was originally scheduled to premiere on HBO this May. Those plans are likely to change because of the coronavirus quarantine. When the special does premiere, fans will have access to the entire run of Friends, which includes some 236 episodes.

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