Dancing on Ice’s Torvill and Dean’s family lives from divorce to IVF heartache

Professional figure skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have been a part of ITV's Dancing on Ice since its inception in 2006.

Sharing their honest critiques on performances as well as wowing viewers with their incredible skating talent, the much-loved Olympic medallists have become an integral part of the show.

But although Torvill and Dean previously had fans questioning whether they share a romantic connection, the skating pair are currently in healthy relationships outside of their union and both have children too.

So Daily Star has taken a look inside their family lives and the tragedy that unfortunately hit Jayne when she was in her 40s.

Jayne's pregnancy journey

Professional dancer Jayne, 64, spoke openly about experiencing an ectopic pregnancy when she appeared on Piers Morgan's Life stories in 2013.

The star who has been married to her husband Phil Christensen for over 30 years admitted that she tried to conceive relatively late in her life, but when she did become pregnant the fertilised egg implanted itself outside of her womb.

She then endured 12 months of IVF treatment but it came to no avail.

Sharing her story with the presenter she said: "As a couple skating together, it's easy for the guy to go off and start a family because it wouldn't affect his skating.

"Whereas for me, it would have stopped what we were doing, so I left it quite late and I was into my forties by then."

She continued: "I got pregnant quite quickly and I thought, 'Oh this is fine'. And when I went to have a scan they said I had an ectopic pregnancy, and I didn't know what that meant.

"They said, 'The embryo's growing in one of the tubes'. And I said, 'Oh, ok, so how do you get it out then?'. And they said, 'We don't. We can't'.

"That's when it hit me. So I went through the surgery and then it was obvious it was going to be more difficult. So we tried IVF for about a year. That, as a lot of women know, is traumatic in itself."

Jayne's two children

Jayne and her husband Phil decided to adopt two children Kieran and Jessica.

The happy couple clearly dotes on their children, and Jayne often shares photos of them on her Instagram account.

Jayne previously spoke candidly on when she first met her son Kieran at 8 months old: "The first time I met Kieran it was this moment like 'this is going to be my child potentially' but you want to grab them but then you kind of hold back.

"I stood and he was with his foster mum and he actually reached out to me. These things are meant to happen and I’m so lucky that I have the two I have."

Christopher's family

Despite several rumours that he was in a romantic relationship with his dance partner Jayne, Christopher has previously been married twice before and is currently in a relationship with former ice dancer Karen Barber.

From 1991 to 1993, Christopher was married to French-Canadian World ice dance champion Isabelle Duchesnay.

Following his divorce, he went on to marry American skater, Jill Trenary in October 1994. The couple shares two children together, Jack Robert, 23, and Sam Colin, 21.

However, in 2010, Christopher's agent revealed that the couple had split but will remain amicable for the sake of their children.

Last year, a proud Christopher took to Twitter to share that his son had turned 21.

Posting a rare photo of his are lovingly around hs son, the skater wrote: "Birthday boy. How did you get to be 21?"

Dancing on Ice airs Sundays on ITV

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