Da'Vonne Rogers May Never Return To MTV's 'The Challenge': Here's Why

Although several veterans have returned for The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2, one unmistakable presence is missing: Da’Vonne Rogers. After admittingly being frustrated with producers and specific cast members, she finally took to her YouTube channel to explain why she would no longer participate in the franchise.

Why is Da’Vonne Rogers not on ‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2’ cast

Rogers explained she didn’t want to compete on the show anymore for a few reasons. First, she said she never wanted to be a reality television personality. Her main objective for getting on Big Brother was to build a platform to get her to her true goal, acting.

However, she started to realize she was getting sucked into The Challenge bubble and decided to pop it by not returning for another season. Additionally, last season, Rogers and Wes Bergmann got into a massive blowout after he said an eliminated contestant needed “a knee in her ribs.”

This annoyed Rogers who responded by saying, “When this is all said and done, I’ll be sure there’s a knee in your ribs.” Attempting to provoke Rogers further, he fired back, “You look like a real good role model to your daughter.”

Rogers realized what he was doing and refused to engage with him any longer until Bergmann tweeted what he claimed the mother actually said. In his tweet, he alleged Rogers said she was “going to get her boys from back home to kill” Bergmann.

He also claimed he “decided not to press charges” because allegedly Rogers apologized to him. Of course, the Big Brother star replied to Bergmann calling him a liar, and the internet has been split ever since over what really happened.

In her video, Rogers brought up that situation, saying she didn’t like how the producers handled it because she felt like they were trying to get her to admit fault when she claimed she never made those threats. Additionally, the Big Brother star believes they are covering for Bergmann and trying to protect his image.

However, Rogers said she’s not going to compromise herself for a career she never wanted to pursue in the first place. As far as the aspiring actress knows, she will not return to The Challenge.

Difference between ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Challenge’

Rogers explained in Big Brother; everything’s live. However, for The Challenge, everything is pre-recorded and then edited. Therefore, she has the option not to watch Big Brother, which she hasn’t but must watch The Challenge when it comes out so she can live tweet with her viewers.

After living in it for three months, and then having to rewatch it for three months later, everyone relives their experiences and ends up continually getting sucked back into the toxicity.

Additionally, Rogers doesn’t like the person she becomes when she’s in The Challenge house and hates having to relive it. She said she would come back to host or make a special appearance, but would not be an official cast member again.

How does Da’Vonne Rogers feel about not coming back to ‘The Challenge?’

Rogers referenced her incredible performance last season with six wins and reflected on how far she came since winning no competitions on Big Brother 17. Therefore, she can “gracefully bow out” because she doesn’t believe giving up three months of her life to MTV will help her grow in any way.

The Big Brother star is also not watching the current season because she wants to “detox” but did notice there are more “chocolate drops.” Watch The Challenge Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.

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