Doctors spoilers: Death mistake for Princess after prescription error?

A huge mistake with a patient next week leads to potentially deadly consequences for Princess Buchanan (Laura White).

Romance continues to blossom for Bear Sylvester (Dex Lee) and Princess next week as he brags about getting his hand on tickets to a sold out gig and offers to take her. Princess winds him up over it before accepting.

Princess manages to impress with her deep music knowledge at the concert and the pair grow closer. However, when the talk turns to family Princess stops herself from saying too much.

In the wake of the gig, Bear tries to entice Princess to have another drink with him, but she refuses, claiming that had she known she had a date, she would’ve gotten more sleep. Bear finds it funny to think that they’ve been on a date all along.

Later, Princes shut Bear down, insisting their date wasn’t a date.

Clearly with personal matters on her mind a distracted Princess doesn’t read a patient’s notes carefully enough and prescribes an antibiotic the patient is actually allergic to. As an emergency strikes, she realises she has made a huge mistake.

Can Princess track down and fix her mistake before it ends badly?

Doctors airs these scenes from Tuesday March 29 at 1:45pm on BBC One then 7pm on BBC Two.

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