Dr Hilary reacts to rumours Trump has faked coronavirus diagnosis

Dr Hilary has responded to rumours that President Donald Trump’s coronavirus battle could be a stunt, stating that it would be ‘fraudulent’ for doctors to share a false diagnosis. 

Trump, 74, tested positive for Covid-19 last week after potentially being exposed to the virus by his advisor Hope Hicks who tested positive prior. Several other White House staff members have been diagnosed with the disease, including the First Lady Melania Trump. 

Since his diagnosis, Trump has received treatment at the Walter Reed Medical Center, a military hospital, in Washington DC. 

However, he stirred criticism after briefly leaving the facility on Sunday in a motorcade to greet his supporters outside. 

It has added fuel to the speculation from critics, including rapper Cardi B, who believe it’s possible Trump could be using his coronavirus battle as a stunt for the sympathy vote ahead of the presidential election in November. 

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Discussing Trump’s health battle, Dr Hilary said on Monday’s Good Morning Britain: ‘Dr Sean Conley’s clearly a very gifted, talented and experienced doctor and he’s giving a press conference based on what the president wants him to say. 

‘Those words, “I didn’t want to give information that could steer the course of illness in a different direction”. Information can’t steer the illness full stop.’ 

Dr Hilary then stated: ‘We’re hearing very contradictory messages. 

‘If vital organs were affected there’s no way you’d be in a motorcade.’ 

Addressing claims that the diagnosis is a PR stunt, Dr Hilary said he believes Trump is indeed battling the disease and explained: ‘Well he’s got it if the test is positive but if they’re giving us a false positive for a coronavirus test then that is medically unethical… [it] is fraudulent and wrong.’ 

Dr Hilary had earlier criticised Trump’s administration and said: ‘It seems to me they only thought this virus only attacked people from low socio-economic groups as though they were immune to his “dirty virus”. 

‘Trump’s admission that he’s learnt something and he’s been to coronavirus school by personally experiencing the consequences of the virus, almost suggest that he wasn’t across this global pandemic for months before that.’

‘It’s a bullet-proof car which is hermetically-sealed so no ventilation,’ he said on Trump’s motorcade.  

The TV doctor later stated: ‘The information that doctors tell the public about this has to be approved by the president himself. So it’s censored isn’t it, what we’re hearing what the president wants us to hear… 

‘He wouldn’t have had pneumonia if he’s been allowed to drive around. We have to take with a pinch of salt what we’ve been told.’ 

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