Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford reveal their unusual first date and their ‘tiff’ after it

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This morning hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have treated fans to a glimpse of their early days as a couple after the show featured a Riverdance performance.

The pair watched the dance troupe perform their Riverdance show outside of the ITV studio before they discussed their first date when they watched a Riverdance performance.

Eamonn joked: "All my relatives from Ireland there," before opening up about their past together.

He said: "Not only does it make me proud to be Irish but it reminds me of my first date with Ruth.”

Ruth agreed: “Riverdance, yeah. It was a good date.

"It was a good date though we had a little tiff afterwards. Who knew?!"

Ruth then asked if Eamonn himself had ever thought to learn Irish dancing, with him confessing he had not, saying: "Unfortunately I didn't because in my day we thought 'What would you want to do that for?', then Riverdance came along and it became the sexy thing to do."

Eamonn and Ruth’s relationship began in 1994 after his separation from first wife, Gabrielle Holmes.

Eamonn has three children with his ex wife Gabrielle, daughter Rebecca and sons Declan and Niall.

Ruth and Eamonn had a child themselves in 2002, son Jack.

Eamonn and Gabrielle divorced in 2005, with Eamonn and Ruth getting wed in 2010.

Their family grew larger this month as Eamonn announced earlier in the week that son Declan has welcomed his own baby into the world with his wife Jenny.

Eamonn started the show saying that “things had changed” since the day prior.

Ruth quickly added: “That you’re a granddad!”

Eamonn joked: "It wasn't just me – it was my son Declan and his wife Jenny, they are the happy couple and Jenny gave birth to Emelia."

Ruth said it was a “lovely name” when speaking about her step granddaughter.

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