EastEnders cast enjoy reunion to celebrate Himesh Patel's new Hollywood role


The EastEnders crew are a tight lot but Hetti Bywater and Ricky Norwood’s tribute to former co-star Himesh Patel as he makes his big Hollywood debut is one for the ages.

Taking to Instagam, Hetti, Ricky, Jasmyn Banks and Rachel Bright all praised Himesh for his work in Danny Boyle’s new film Yesterday with Hetti – who plays Lucy Beale in the BBC One soap – admitting she can’t stop crying over his success.

Where do we get a friend like Hetti?

‘Love you all so much! But @himeshjpatel you are FUCKING unbelievable!’ she wrote.

‘I am so so happy for you! And I promise I’ll stop crying at some point. You are an incredible human being! Such a surreal night.

‘Everyone needs to go and watch @yesterdaymovie because it is INSANE and Himesh SMASHES IT! What a beautiful performance from such a beautiful person!’


Ricky, who starred as Fatboy, added: ‘Thank you Himeshi for sharing this special moment with us all. We’re all so happy to see you shine bro!’

‘I can’t think of a good enough caption for this eve. I felt like a proud mumma. @himeshjpatel you were/are brilliant. YASSSSSS,’ shared Rachel, known to fans as Poppy Meadows.

Jasmyn, who stars as Alice Branning, wrote: ‘We were all BURSTING with pride and joy.’

Himesh, 28, starred as Tamwar Masood in the soap but now has the lead role in Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis’ upcoming comedy Yesterday and will next appear alongside Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones in Oscar bait drama The Aeronauts.

But with new show boss Kate Oates bringing back other beloved characters such as Bianca Butcher and Sean Slater, would Himesh be down for a return to the square after last being mentioned in February 2019, when Tamwar called Mick Carter to announce he and Nancy are engaged?

Well, yes and no.

Himesh told Metro.co.uk that there would only be one story that would allow him to consider a return to the square: ‘If we all came back, the family who originally joined in 2007.

‘If we came back and we were the main storyline for a week.’

But when pressed if he would be happy to therefore return if it was just for one week, he added: ‘I am not saying I would definitely be happy to do it. But hypothetically speaking, yes.’

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