EastEnders clash as Martin Fowler turns on Zack after baby shock?

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EastEnders fans could soon see chaos in Albert Square as a case of mistaken identity gets out of control. New friends Martin Fowler (played by James Bye) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) have been getting along well in recent weeks on the BBC soap, but that could be set to change. According to official soap spoilers, the duo will soon receive some shocking baby news. Will the paternity drama cause the pair to clash?

In upcoming scenes on the soap, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) will be approached by angry stranger Neil, whose daughter has been heartbroken by Zack.

Sharon covers for him, but later questions Zack over whether this behaviour is all because of his recent breakup with Nancy.

Sharon does her best to encourage Zack to talk to Nancy, but he gets spooked before he has the chance.

Zack panics when Neil tries to confront him and pretends to be Martin instead.

Unfortunately, Zack’s white lie has chaotic consequences when the case of mistaken identities leaves both him and Martin in sticky situations.

Later on, Sharon offers to take Zack and Martin out for dinner in a bid to cheer them up.

However, when the three of them eventually return home, they are shocked to find a surprise on their doorstep.

They discover a one-year-old baby on the doorstep with a note that reads: “Alyssa is yours, please take care of her”.

But who is the real father of the child? And how will they react to the shocking news?

The baby news will be a big shock for Martin as he’s recently been struggling to look after his children.

He was left in a tricky situation when Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) was arrested and made sure everything she owned was taken from him.

Martin was looking after Hope, Arthur, and Lily Slater (Lillia Turner), but couldn’t afford to feed them.

Finding childcare a struggle already, Martin could be furious if he discovered he had another mouth to feed.

However, the baby news will likely be a shock to Zack too as he’s never had any children before.

Scared by the prospect of being a father, Zack could try to insist that the baby is Martin’s.

If he attempts to convince his friend, it could cause a rift between the pair with neither one of them wanting to take responsibility for the child.

Will the new friends end up clashing in an epic fallout?

As Zack previously lied about his identity, Martin could place the blame on him, claiming he’s the cause of the confusion.

Could Martin end up turning violent on his friend in a fight over the shocking situation?

Sharon may be forced to step in and defuse the situation, with the suggestion of a DNA test.

Will they find out who the baby’s real father is? And will the real dad be willing to step up to the challenge of fatherhood?

EastEnders continues Thursday at 7:35pm on BBC One.

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