EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale spoilers LIVE: ‘Murdered’ Tina Carter ALIVE and shoplifting in Albert Square

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For example, Tina Carter returns from the dead next week in EastEnders as she’s spotted shoplifting in London by the police. 

Tina had been thought brutally murdered by Gray after she discovered the truth about his wife Chantelle’s death in the BBC One soap.

Meanwhile in Emmerdale this week Kim Tate will take Gabby Thomas under her wing after seeing the teen frames Dawn Taylor, while on Coronation StreetJohnny Connor will see visions of his dead son Aidan when his cellmate takes an overdose.

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  • Molly Moss


    TYRONE Dobbs grows closer to Alina Pop after throwing her out next week in Coronation Street. 

    The mechanic – who is played by Alan Halsall in the ITV soap – grows so distracted by Alina that he leaves the furniture shop unattended and returns to find it’s been robbed.

    Viewers will see Fiz have a go at Tyrone for throwing Alina out at such short notice next week. 

    When Alina calls at the garage and hands her keys over to Tyrone, she tells him she turned down a job earlier in the morning.

    Tyrone suggests she should take up beauty therapy again, but is left kicking himself when he realises he’s said the wrong thing. 

    Later, Fiz reminds Tyrone that Alina was a victim of human trafficking last time she worked in a beauty parlour. 

    Tyrone apologises to Alina for being insensitive and offers to help her look for a suitable college course. 

    Later, Fiz asks Tyrone to look after the furniture shop whilst she goes to Hope’s school assessment. 

    But when Alina invites him for a coffee to discuss the business course she has enrolled on, he jumps at the chance and ends up leaving the shop unattended.

    He’s shocked to find the shop has been robbed upon his return. 

    How will Gary react?

    Corrie fans are predicting an affair between Tyrone and Alina
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    ERIC Pollard declares his love for Brenda Walker next week in Emmerdale.

    There were hints of a romance blossoming between the pair last year when Eric impressed Brenda – who is played by actress Lesley Dunlop in the ITV soap – with his new healthy snacks at the cafe. 

    Jacob was quick to realise Eric fancied his chances with Brenda and his suspicions were confirmed when Eric asked her out for a drink.

    Next week viewers will see unlucky-in-love Brenda delighted when Pollard reveals he loves her and doesn’t want the twins to think he’s just a temporary arrangement. 

    Will his feelings be reciprocated?

    Emmerdale fans will know that the on-screen lovebirds are in fact married in real life.

    The stars fell for each other long before their characters started up the romance.  

    Lesley and Chris found love on the set in 2008 and tied the knot in 2016. The couple married during a church service at St Peter’s Church in the coastal village of Coverack, Cornwall.

    Emmerdale's on-screen lovebirds Eric and Brenda are married in real life
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    EMMERDALE fans are baffled by an error they spotted with Priya Sharma's revenge plot.

    The heartbroken business manager turned the tables on love rat Al Chapman on Tuesday's episode, framing him for fraud.

    Despite fans getting behind Priya for outsmarting Al, they did notice a mistake and made the point that it is likely Kim Tate (Claire King) overheard her confession to the crime.

    In a heated exchange, Priya (Fiona Wade) did her best to convince Kim that Al (Michael Wildman) had stolen the money and she had nothing to do with it.

    It appeared to work as Kim sided with Priya and told Al she would call the police, before closing the doors to her office and leaving them to fight in out.

    As they continued to argue, Priya then told Al she had framed him, which suggests Kim must have heard what was said from just behind the door.

    Fans took to Twitter to express their confusion at what went down in the gripping and vindictive scenes.

    "Kim is just thru those doors & Priya isn't exactly being quiet. A few words spring to mind starting with f*** & b******."

    "Surely Kim can hear her," added a second.

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    CORRIE'S Daniel Brocklebank has dished the gossip on Billy making history with the soap's first gay wedding – but he also hints there'll be trouble ahead.

    Daniel, who plays vicar Billy Mayhew on the the Cobbles, revealed the news as he appeared on the ITV lunchtime show.

    Chatting with hosts Charlene White, Judi Love, Kelle Bryan and Brenda Edwards, Daniel said: "I have been told by the powers that be that I’m allowed to share there will be a proposal in the future.

    "Whether it’s coming from Todd or Paul remains yet to be seen. But there will be a proposal."

    But Daniel went on to comment that any wedding plans would be unlikely to go smoothly.

    Daniel went on to comment that any wedding plans would be unlikely to go smoothly.

  • Molly Moss


    EASTSENDERS' Sharon Watts is set for more turmoil after the shock death of her dad Gavin Sullivan.

    Pictures show the Vic landlady actress Letitia Dean, 53, and Cathy Beale star Gillian Taylforth, 65, filming the 'Celebration of Life' Wake for the former Albert Square star.

    Both characters along with everyone else in the shot were dressed in black, as they made their way to the wake.

    Sharon's dad was played by Paul Nicholas, who made 31 appearances on the soap between August 2015 and July 2016.

    Kathy was in attendance as she was married to Gavin for 15 years between 2001 and 2016.

    Gavin had an eventful time in his brief stint on the Square, which included killing his sister and Sharon's aunt Margaret Midhurst by pushing her off a balcony.

    Sharon then joined him on the balcony and he asked Sharon to tell the police that Margaret fell.

    A police officer then arrives on the balcony and Gavin grabbed Sharon, threatening to jump, killing them both.

    Sharon said he could never kill himself, so he let her go and she told him it is over between them, before Gavin was arrested.

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    CORONATION Street star Richard Hawley has explained his alter-ego Johnny Connor's new diagnosis.

    The Rovers' landlord has been battling Charles Bonnet syndrome and the actor has warned the suffering is set to continue.

    In upcoming episodes, Johnny will admit to having hallucinations and seeing his late son Aidan, as well as visions of mice, cockroaches and a ginger cat as his eyesight deteriorates.

    Explaining his character's situation, Richard shared: "Once you have a diagnosis of Charles Bonnet syndrome things can get a little better simply because you know what it is.

    "What happens is your brain makes up images because it is not getting enough information because of reduced eyesight. There is no attendant feeling of anything else. It is just simply hallucination, it can be an unpleasant one or it could be a pleasant one or both."

    The soap star compared having traumatic episodes to that of a 'horror movie' and shared his thought process when channeling the role.

    He added: "When it is an unpleasant one it is a bit like sitting there and having to watch a horror movie that you don't really want to watch.

    "But before you get a diagnosis people can look at it and can worry themselves that this is a mental health problem, which is what I tried to do with the performance with Johnny, to look like he was having mental health problems."

    Johnny has been diagnosed with Charles Bonnet syndrome
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    JAMIE TATE quits his mum Kim’s businesses and returns to the vets after catching her plotting against Dawn next week in Emmerdale. 

    Kim – who is played by Claire King in the ITV soap – has grown determined to destroy her son’s relationship with Dawn. 

    Viewers will see Gabby frame Dawn for stealing Bear’s wallet after Jamie finds it lying around.

    When Bear arrives to collect his wallet from Jai’s desk, he’s shocked to find it’s gone missing. 

    Jai accuses Dawn of stealing it and forces her to empty her bag out when she denies wrongdoing. 

    Dawn is lost for words when the wallet falls out, and gutted when Jai sacks her on the spot, while Gabby watches the incident with a smile.

    Later, having noticed Gabby looking smug, Kim corners her and tells her she’s wiped the CCTV showing she set Dawn up.

    The following day, Jamie tells Kim he’s going back to the vets permanently due to her scheming, offering Dawn a job as the receptionist there. 

    Kim is fuming and vows revenge against Dawn…

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    AUDREY Roberts refuses to lend David Platt money to escape his mouldy house and buy back his old one next week in Coronation Street. 

    The hairdresser – who is played by actor Jack P Shepherd in the ITV soap – was conned out of his house by Ray Crosby. 

    Corrie viewers know that David and Shona have been hoping to get their house back following the downfall of the property developer, but next week viewers will see David and Shona despair after failing to secure a mortgage.

    Meanwhile, Steve returns from the Peak District and is shocked to learn that Tracy intends to buy David’s house.

    Shona approaches Audrey and asks her if she can lend them the money, but Audrey remind her of the time David stole from her. 

    Taking matters into her own hands, Shona sabotages the WiFi in both their houses as a bidding war between Tracy and David begins.

    But the pair are stunned when they discover someone else has joined the bidding – and that the final bid was placed by an unknown party.

    Who is the mystery bidder?

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    TINA Carter returns from the dead next week in EastEnders as she’s spotted shoplifting in London by the police. 

    Tina was brutally murdered by Gray after she discovered the truth about his wife Chantelle’s death in the BBC One soap.

    Tina was then framed for Ian’s attack in the Queen Vic after she disappeared, with Gray sending a text to the Carters from her phone confessing in order to cover his tracks. 

    But everything changed when Max announced that Sharon was behind Ian’s attack – and that Tina is innocent. 

    Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Mick relieved when DCI Arthurs tells him and Shirley that someone spotted a person matching Tina’s description shoplifting. 

    The officer tells them that Tina gave her name, but then ran off. 

    While Mick is relieved Tina is okay, Shirley only grows increasingly suspicious and continues to kick herself for letting Tina down.

    Later, she tells Mick and Gray she’s going out to look for Tina. 

    Is Tina alive after all?

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    CORONATION Street’s Carla Connor phones the prison next week when Johnny refuses to visit the doctor. 

    Johnny will confide in Carla that he’s been hallucinating and seeing his dead son Aidan.

    The Rovers Return landlord's ordeal will begin after he discovers that his cellmate Joe has taken an overdose.

    Carla visits later and asks him about his health, forcing Johnny to admit that his eyesight has deteriorated – and that he’s hallucinating.

    When Johnny admits he’s been seeing Aidan, Carla makes him promise he’ll speak to the prison doctor.

    Johnny heads back to his cell with no intention of visiting the doctor, but he’s thrown when he’s summoned by the doctor later. 

    When Carla admits to Roy that she’s broken her promise and phoned the prison, he assures her she’s done the right thing.

  • Molly Moss


    NOAH Tate is left devastated next week in Emmerdale as his mother Charity Dingle destroys his chances of joining the army. 

    Charity – who is played by Emma Atkins in the ITV soap – will step in when she discovers Noah has cheated to pass the army medical. 

    Viewers will see Charity offer to go on a run with Noah as a bonding exercise, but she worries when she sees him bent over in pain. 

    Charity calls Meena over but Noah is annoyed when she mentions his medical condition and grows convinced he’s going to fail the army medical.

    When Samson says he’d help if he could, Noah announces he has an idea and passes him an empty water bottle. 

    Samson is shocked when Noah asks him to give a urine sample so he can pretend it’s his and pass the medical, but does as he asks. 

    When Charity grows suspicious over Noah’s shifty behaviour, Samson confesses and Charity calls the assessment centre. 

    When Noah realises what she’s done, he rages at her, telling her his life would be better if she’d sold him and Charity ends up slapping him…

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    EASTENDERS fans are in shock after realising there are TEN killers wandering around Walford.

    The residents of Albert Square should watch their backs as there are three serial killers and seven others with blood on their hands living amongst them.

    Viewers were shocked to realise there’s Stacey Slater, Phil Mitchell, Max Branning, Lucas Johnson, Ben Mitchell, Bobby Beale, Whitney Dean, Martin Fowler, Dot Branning and of course, Walford’s latest killer, evil abuser Gray Atkins.

    One shocked fan said: “You wouldn't normally have that many nutters living on the same street.”

    However another insisted that justice has been served in most of the cases.

    “I wouldn’t say its ludicrous,” the fan wrote. 

    “Out of the actual murderers all four have served prison sentences, Martin also served his sentence for accidental death and Whitney was found not guilty as it was self defence.”\

    Tina Carter was the latest resident to lose her life to killer Gray

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    EMMERDALE fans think Priya Sharma overplayed her hand last night and has exposed herself for fraud.

    The businesswoman – who is played by actress Fiona Wade in the ITV soap – framed her cheating ex Al Chapman for stealing from the business to ruin his life. 

    Last night Priya told Al exactly why she had done it.

    She said: “You seriously underestimated me, didn’t you? 

    “The fraud wasn’t Debbie’s idea – it was mine. I got your passwords, I made the bank transfers, I even persuaded you to put your grubby little fingerprints all over the money to leave a paper trail. 

    “All the love bombing, the sincere apologies, the empty promises. More lies just to get me to hand over that money. 

    “Save your lies and your begging for Kim because you are never going to see a penny of that money.”

    However, fans think Priya has overplayed her hand by confessing in Home Farm where there are cameras everywhere.

    One wrote: "CCTV. KEEP QUIET PRIYA."

    A second said: "Al has it on the phone , Kim has the room bugged"

    Another added: "If al had any brains (not just a hazelnut rocking around in a walnut shell) he would have been recording his conversations with Priya and debbie and had all the proof he needed…"

  • Molly Moss


    EASTENDERS fans have been left stunned by Billy Mitchell's real age after he let slip what it was to Phil Mitchell.

    The character, who is played by Perry Fenwick, told the bald-headed tough nut he was 61 in a scene that left viewers reeling.

    One fan boggled: "Billy really 61? He looks the same as he did 30 years ago!"

    A second tweeted: "Shut up! Did I hear right then? Billy Mitchell is 61."

    Another wrote: "NO CHANCE is our billy Mitchell 61 years of age. Plot twist of the century."

    Billy was left heartbroken this week when his ex-wife Honey and Jay, the man he’d treated as his own son and fostered, decided to go public with their relationship. 

    Jay was born in October 1994, which makes him 26 years old. 

    Billy was forced to reveal his age as Phil taunted him about Honey and Jai
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    KIM TATE takes Gabby Thomas under her wing after the teenager frames Dawn Taylor next week in Emmerdale. 

    Wayward Gabby – who is played by Rosie Betham in the ITV soap – will slip Bear’s wallet into Dawn’s bag and get her fired.

    Viewers will see Kim watch the incident from afar and notice Gabby looking smug as Dawn is sacked.

    Later, Kim corners Gabby and tells her she’s wiped the CCTV showing she set Dawn up, telling the teenager she has a lot of potential. 

    The following day, Jamie tells Kim he’s going back to the vets permanently due to her scheming, offering Dawn a job as the receptionist there. 

    Kim tells Gabby she’ll be shadowing her from now on…

    Kim is impressed when Gabby gets Dawn fired
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    JOHNNY Connor sees visions of his dead son Aidan next week after his cellmate takes an overdose.

    The Rovers Return landlord – who is played by actor Richard Hawley in the ITV soap – was devastated when Aidan took his own life in 2018 after a secret battle with depression.

    Viewers will see Johnny decline a game of pool with his fellow prisoner Joe next week. 

    But he immediately regrets turning down his offer when he later discovers that Joe has taken an overdose in his cell. 

    Meanwhile, Jenny is upset to hear Daisy being rude about Johnny.

    In prison, Johnny sees mice and cockroaches and when he glances up, he thinks he can see Aidan.

    Carla visits later and asks him about his health, forcing Johnny to admits his eyesight has deteriorated and that he’s hallucinating and been seeing Aidan.

    Johnny hallucinates in prison and thinks he can see Aidan
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    LEANNE Battersby turns to a TV psychic to reach dead son Oliver next week in Coronation Street. 

    The grieving mother – who is played by Jane Danson in the ITV soap –  has been hiding away in her flat after her son Oliver passed away from an incurable form of mitochondrial disease at the end of last year. 

    Viewers will see Leanne agree to lunch in the bistro with Nick next week for Simon's sake.

    But over lunch, Leanne lies to Nick and pretends everything is fine.

    Later, Leanne passes Victoria Garden and gazes miserably at Oliver’s apple tree.

    Leanne thanks Simon for his support and shows him a feather she’s found, telling him it’s a sign from Oliver meaning he’s at peace.

    Viewers will then see Leanne type in her card details and book a consultation with Crystal Moon, a TV psychic who assures her that the feather was indeed a symbol of Oliver’s love for her…

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    KATHY Beale declares war on Sharon Watts next week in EastEnders as she hatches a plan to destroy her.

    Max publicly exposed Sharon as Ian’s attacker last night in the BBC One soap following the businessman’s mysterious disappearance.

    Viewers will see Kathy at her wits’ end next week as she continues to search for Ian, leading Bobby to suggest that she visits a doctor.

    When she gets back from the hospital, Kathy grows angry and announces Sharon needs to pay for what she’s done to her family. 

    Sharon is shocked to find two removal men at her flat and furious to discover they’ve been sent by Kathy. 

    Kathy begs Sharon to tell her what happened to Ian but when Sharon insists she’s just as worried as she is, Kathy’s suspicions are piqued. 

    Will Sharon regret crossing Kathy?

    Sharon is stunned to find two removal men at her flat sent by Kathy
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    CORONATION Street fans are predicting a twist for David Platt as a mystery person buys his house from under him.

    The hairdresser – who is played by actor Jack P Shepherd in the ITV soap – will be soon left shocked when a mystery buyer snaps up his house during an auction and leaves him homeless.

    However fans think David will be back in the house before long as they think his mum Gail will be the one to rebuy her house.

    Next week Debbie will put the house up for auction with David bidding against Tracy Barlow for the house.

    Desperate to keep the house, Shona causes a power-cut knocking out both houses' WiFi leaving them stuck at the same amount – and in that time someone else joins the bidding and snatches the house from under them.

    Fans are convinced it will be Gail after the death of her dad Ted, with her using the inheritance money.

    One wrote: "That will obviously give Gail the money to buy Number eight."

    A second said: "What's the betting this conveniently gives Gail enough money to buy her house back?"

    Another said: "Agreed. Gail will have her home back finally."

    Corrie fans think Gail will buy her house back with her dad Ted's inheritance money
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    CORONATION Street fans think the soap is teeing up a romance between Tyrone Dobbs and Alina Pop.

    Fans were left fearing Fiz is going to have her heart broken after Ruxandra Porojnicu's character burst in on him wearing nothing but a towel.

    Tyrone's eyes nearly popped out of his head when she came in wet from the shower – and bolted for the door.

    As one fan put it: "How long before Tyrone and Alina end up having jiggy jigs?"

    Others tweeted: "Alina and Tyrone will have a bit of a thing I bet you" and "Why do I feel that there's gonna be a storyline where Tyrone and Alina get together?"

    Another predicted: "Is Fiz gona nag Tyrone rite into Alina arms?"

    Tyrone certainly seemed a lot more flustered than Fiz, who told him to embrace her "continental" ways.

    Tyrone leapt up and ran away when Alina entered wearing nothing more than a towel
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    EASTENDERS fans were left gobsmacked as Max exposed Sharon for trying to kill Ian – in front of the entire pub.

    Ian – played by Adam Woodyatt in the BBC soap – survived Sharon's latest murder attempt and fled Walford last month.

    EastEnders viewers watched Ian get proof that Sharon was trying to poison him after Max urged him to visit the doctors. 

    Ian then confronted Sharon at her deadly dinner and asked her to eat some of the poisoned pasta herself. 

    Last night, Max grew uneasy when Bobby and Kathy arrived to put missing flyers out for Ian.

    When Kathy hinted Sharon wanted Ian to stay missing so she could get her hands on his money, Max dropped the bombshell that Sharon was behind Ian’s attack in the Queen Vic – and that Tina was innocent. 

    Viewers were shocked by the scenes, with one person saying: "Just watched #EastEnders on BBC iPlayer. Max has let the murderous cat out of the bag! How is Sharon going to sweet talk her way out of this one?!?"

    Another added: "Sharon ain’t laughing now is she?"

    A third remarked: "Sharon is not even trying to act like she's concerned about Ian. No wonder Max is onto her."

  • Molly Moss


    KUSH Kazemi risks a furious backlash from serial killer Gray Atkins as he kisses Whitney Dean.

    Whitney – who is played by Shona McGarty in the BBC One soap – rejected Gray last week when he asked her to move in with him in a sudden turn of events.

    And next week Whitney will risk infuriating Gray further when she decides her heart lies with Kush.

    Viewers will see Dotty ask Kush for an answer on the spare room in their house. 

    Martin announces he doesn’t want Kush to move out but later, Kush tells Whitney he’ll take it. 

    Later, with no plans organised for Valentine’s Day, Kush asks Whitney out on a housemate date. 

    As they pick up snacks at the Minute Mart, Bernie notices flirtation growing between them.

    They sit down for a movie and realise the pizza is heart-shaped, and the pair get another sign their romance is written in the stars when the power cuts out.

    As Whitney lights some candles, they share a kiss. But how will Gray react?

    EastEnders has confirmed Kush's exit in 2021 but will it be connected to killer Gray?
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    DEBBIE and Kevin Webster are left to die in a freezer in the bistro as Ray Crosby discovers her plan to double cross him. 

    The businesswoman – who is played by actress Sue Devaney in the ITV soap – has promised she'll organise Ray a new life abroad after faking his death.

    But next week Debbie lets slip to Ray’s accountant, Miles, that she has no intention of securing Ray a new life in Turkey – and that instead she wants him to go to prison.

    Debbie’s plan is scuppered, however, when Ray disguises himself as a workman and overhears Debbie discussing her plans with his accountant.

    Ray reveals his identity and forces a horrified Debbie into the walk-in fridge, where he locks her in.

    Kevin comes to her rescue and hits Ray over the head with a frying pan before trying to get her out of the fridge. 

    But as the door slams behind them they both realise in horror that they’re both locked in. 

    Will someone come to their rescue?

    Ray leaves Debbie and Kevin to die in the bistro's walk-in freezer
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    CHARITY Dingle sleeps with Al Chapman after he tricks her into revealing the details of her daughter Debbie’s revenge plan next week in Emmerdale. 

    Debbie and Priya were stunned to discover that Al was cheating on them both last month after Chas dropped the bombshell on Debbie.

    Emmerdale viewers knew for weeks that Al was cheating on Priya, but it became clear that his other woman Debbie was also oblivious to his antics when she returned from Scotland. 

    Debbie was horrified when Chas told her that Al was engaged to Priya, and quickly spilled the beans to Priya. 

    The two women then decided to play Al at his own game, stealing thousands from Kim Tate and framing Al for the theft. 

    Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Al fear the worst when Kim threatens to report him to the police unless she gets her money back. 

    Noticing that Chas and Debbie are at odds with Charity, he comes up with a plan. 

    Al joins Charity as he finds her drinking and soon manipulates her to reveal the details of Debbie’s revenge plan against him. 

    A drunk Charity later suggests they head upstairs, and Al decides to go along with it in an attempt to rile Debbie.

    Al sleeps with Charity to get details of Debbie's revenge plan
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    HONEY Mitchell leaves her ex Billy heartbroken this week in EastEnders when she goes public with Jay. 

    Billy was horrified to discover that Honey was interested in the man he had treated as his son at the end of last year. 

    Viewers will see Billy seethe next week as Honey decides to tell the kids about her relationship with Jay. 

    Honey is furious when Billy turns up to the chat late, and tells him to get his things and leave. 

    When Jay buys new pairs of trainers for the kids, Billy is consumed with jealousy and tells Lola he’s getting a new job. 

    But when his shift doesn't go to plan at the call centre, he asks Vinny about dealing drugs.

    Vinny gives Billy a drugs package and Billy promises him he knows what he’s doing.

    But will Billy really go through with it?

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