EastEnders fans distracted as they spot Jay’s ‘huge bulge’ in skintight trousers

EastEnders viewers couldn’t believe their eyes on Monday night as Jay Brown’s trousers left little to the imagination.

The Walford resident, played by Jamie Borthwick, showed off his bulge for viewers, leaving fans watching at home swooning.

Jay, Honey's boyfriend, was seen trying to help Billy out with his recent money problems when fans caught a glimpse of his bulge.

Although Jay was trying to plant a valuable Pink Floyd record into Billy's stall, his strapping blue suit became the focus of viewer attention.

Fans rushed to their keyboards as they made the cheeky observation.

One user tweeted: "Thought my TV had gone 3D then when Jay was at Billy's stall #Eastenders."

Another wrote: "Jay didn’t leave anything to the imagination at the stall next to Billy #Eastenders."

Many were very excited by the overt on-screen display showing the extent of Jay's fanbase.

One social media user wrote: "Sexy Jay wasn't exactly leaving much to the imagination in his tight suit on EastEnders tonight. I've fancied Jamie Borthwick for a while, but who knew he was packing this much…"

A final user admitted to nearly choking on their breakfast when they caught up on the show in the morning: "Nearly choked on my breakfast this morning watching."

Although fans were distracted by Jay's appearance, he was doing his best to help Billy out of a tough spot.

The Mitchells recently discovered that Billy was sleeping in his car, as his money troubles had gotten severely worse.

The record was valued at £1,000 and would have helped put Billy back on his feet.

Jay wasn't the only one offering Billy a heartfelt gesture. However, it may have come from guilt as Jay remains in a relationship with Honey, Billy's ex-wife.

Kat Slater accidentally damaged the record as she fell into Billy's stall during the episode.

The fall led to Billy finally admitting the extent of his money troubles to Kat, including his sleeping arrangements.

Kat, feeling sorry for Billy offered him to stay with her and Phil.

However, despite Billy's various ups and downs in the episode, he was eventually chucked out of the house by Kat's partner, Phil Mitchell.

EastEnders continues Tuesday night on BBC One at 9.05pm

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