EastEnders fans fume at lack of Suki and Honey airtime after passionate kiss

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EastEnders fans were left fuming at the lack of airtime for Suki Panesar and Honey Mitchell on Thursday evening.

After the two women shared a shock kiss earlier in the week – leading fans to swoon over their sudden romance – viewers reckoned the two deserved plenty more airtime to discuss how things stood between them.

Though Suki appeared at the start of the episode, she was alone – and Honey only appeared in the shop later on.

Suki was left staring longingly at Honey from the back of the store, though Honey tried her best not to make eye contact.

A veritable army of fans flocked to social media to complain about the lack of airtime, with one writing: "Right this is all well and good but where are Suki and Honey? #EastEnders."

Someone else was busy ranting about the amount of the Carters they were seeing on screen in lieu of the duo, adding: "Get the Carters off my screen, I need to see Suki [right now]! #EastEnders."

And a third followed up: "Okay but who cares about the Carters right now, not me!"


In Thursday's episode, Suki's daughter Ash came into the living room to talk to her mum – but in true Suki fashion, she lashed out.

When Ash mentioned Honey, Suki's ears pricked up as she fretted: "You spoke to Honey?"

"Yeah, we talked yesterday," Ash explained.

Defence mechanisms clearly kicking in, Suki responded: "Yeah, well it's my own fault for helping you. Should know by now some people are beyond helping!"

Ash snapped back: "Do you know what, I'm not sorry! God, poor Honey, being naive enough to believe that you would ever be nice enough to help anyone!"

Later, Honey confessed to Suki that she hadn't told anyone about the kiss.

"It's nobody else's business, is it?" she asked, adding: "Well, we all get a bit confused sometimes."

Suki clearly wasn't impressed by her reaction, as she snapped at Honey to take over in the shop before storming off and breaking down in tears.

Concerned fans were quick to show Suki their support, with one posting: "Suki my heart hurts for you!"

"Suki's really fallen for Honey!" someone else echoed, while a third fan said: "Suki looked heartbroken when Honey said we all get confused!"

Another wailed: "I hate this awkwardness between Suki and Honey! #EastEnders."

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