EastEnders fans left ‘heartbroken’ after Denise tells Raymond she’s his mother

EastEnders fans were left "heartbroken" after emotional scenes saw Denise Fox tell her son Raymond that she is his birth mother.

Viewers tuning into the BBC British soap were left feeling all the feels after Denise made the decision to finally tell Raymond in a bid to create a bond with the child.

Raymond is the son of Denise and Albert Square's resident gangster Phil Mitchell.

Many years ago the pair had a one night stand which resulted in Denise falling pregnant.

She decided to give the baby up for adoption after believing that it was the right thing to do to keep Phil out of his life.

However, recently the child became an orphan after his adopted parents both died in a car crash.

It led to Denise stepping in to adopt Raymond, with Phil being on close guard nearby and causing a nuisance.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend Jack took a step back from their romantic relationship due to Phil's involvement, as his job as a copper left him conflicted.

Scenes that aired tonight caused some viewers to tear up as Denise sat on a sofa while Raymond drew beside her and Jack leaned against a nearby doorframe.

Telling Raymond who she really was, Denise said to her son: "It must be strange for you."

He looked up at her, and she continued: "New toys, new house, new family.

"Do you remember your mum told you that another mummy grew you in her tummy first?"

Sitting up suddenly and staring at his mum, he nodded silently and then mumbled a yes.

Denise went on: "Do you ever wonder about her," again he nodded.

She continued after a brief pause: "That was me. And, I erm," at that moment the little boy sighed and went back to his drawing.

Denise went on to explain why she gave him up and her reasons, when he suddenly turned around and handed her a picture he drew of her.

The pair sweetly bonded for the first time, and viewers rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One wrote: "denise and raymond out here breaking my heart #eastenders."

A second tweeted: "Denise is trying so hard bless her #EastEnders," followed by the love-struck emoji.

"Denise has me emotional ffs, she’s finally got her Raymond back #eastenders," wrote another.

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