EastEnders hospital tragedy and new arrival for Lola and Jay’s wedding

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Lola Pearce (played by Danielle Harold) is trying to make as many memories as possible while she still can after receiving heartbreaking news about her cancer diagnosis. Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) wants to give his fiancée the wedding day of her dreams but in true EastEnders fashion the nuptials will not go entirely as planned in the BBC soap. 


In next week’s episodes, Lola is stressed about her hen do because she’s worried she looks terrible. 

Jay asks Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) and Denise Fox (Diane Parish) to give her fiancée a glow-up. 

Lola arrives at her hen do and has an amazing night with her friends. 

Meanwhile, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) struggles to find Lola’s mum, Emma (Patsy Kensit) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) offers to help.

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Billy and Jay are worried when they notice Lola being secretive with her phone.

Jay’s horrified when the concerned grandfather takes the device to find out what’s going on.

Reluctantly, Jay joins in as the pair look through the phone to see what’s wrong with Lola just as she walks in and spots them snooping. 

Will Billy and Jay’s concerns for Lola be proven right?

Later, Phil tells Billy he’s tracked down Lola’s mum and hands over the contact details. 

When the morning of Jay and Lola’s wedding arrives, the bride is feeling unwell and tells Kim’s she worried. 

After Kim and Denise finish with the bride’s makeover, Lola begins to panic about the future as the influencer urges her to make the most of every moment. 

Elsewhere on the square, Jay has a heart-to-heart with Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) who inadvertently reveals that Billy is off doing something for Lola.

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Billy tracks down Emma and tells her who he is but will she agree to come to Lola’s wedding?

It’s not long before Jay arrives and fumes at Billy for betraying his bride. 

On the way to the venue, Kim takes Lola to the hospital so she can get checked out. 

Jay arrives at the registry office ready to get married but he soon panics when he realises Lola is missing. 

Back at the hospital, Lola surprises Kim by admitting can’t marry Jay today.

After receiving hopeful news from the doctors this week, Lola may be told her previous scan missed something.

The mum-of-one may decide against marrying Jay if she’s told on her wedding day that her cancer hasn’t improved. 

Oblivious, Jay nervously awaits for Lola to turn up but when she does she asks if she can speak to him privately. 

Will the wedding go ahead or will Lola tell her fiancé she’s changed her mind?

EastEnders airs on BBC One from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

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