EastEnders’ Jean and Stacey Slater ‘to be cellmates’ as fans rumble weed plot

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EastEnders fans are certain they've worked out a huge twist in Jean Slater's current storyline, as her daughter Stacey re-entered the soap.

Jean was being questioned by police amid accusations that she was selling cannabis, which had actually been left in her garage by Mo – with Jean desperate to escape the blossoming plants.

And with Jean finally finding out that she doesn't actually have terminal cancer, fans are worried another surprise is in store for her – that she could be headed to the same prison as her daughter on drugs charges.

Some are even sure Stacey and Jean could be sharing a cell.

Turning to Twitter, one fan posted: "Stacey when she sees Jean at the prison canteen!" with a meme of two Spidermen pointing at one another.

Another added: "Oh she can't end up in the same 'prison' can she?! #EastEnders".

"Jean will meet Stacey in prison!" someone else predicted, as a fourth viewer penned: "Jean will be sharing a cell with Stacey at Christmas #EastEnders."

Elsewhere in the episode, Martin went to visit Stacey in prison, after finally getting to grips with Ruby's sick plot to set her up.

"I know she's got problems, it's just… she's my wife," Martin told Stacey. "All of this is my fault."

But Stacey insisted: "Don't flatter yourself Martin, you didn't turn Ruby into a liar. She's good. And, well, she's a laugh isn't she? You're not the first person to get taken in."

She added: "But she sets me up, she puts me in here – you've had your eyes opened finally, so go and do something about her!"

However, fans were busy insisting that Stacey is "just as bad" as Ruby – and they don't want to see her reunite with Martin.

"See, this is why I don't want Martin and Stacey to get back together. She has never treated Martin right… and is just as bad as Ruby!" one tweeted in response to the tense scenes.

Another chimed in: "Stacey also has problems. And Stacey has also cheated on you. Actually Ruby could've had Stacey arrested for stealing her money – both women have their issues!"

While someone else said: "Stacey you committed fraud and stole thousands, plus Ruby's identity. You were always gonna end up in prison sweetheart, and you deserved it!"

And Jean, meanwhile, seemed prepared to give up the name of who was really growing the weed to clear her own name, after dancing around the interrogation room to celebrate being officially cancer-free.

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