EastEnders’ Maisie Smith says Tiffany’s filler reaction was ‘final straw’

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EastEnders' star Maisie Smith has opened up about her unfolding cosmetic surgery storyline in the BBC soap. The 20 year old Strictly Come Dancing finalist plays Tiffany Butcher who has recently forked out for cosmetic enhancements after several blows to her confidence.

“She’s an 18 year-old, she’s been through a lot as a character and she’s quite insecure about herself,” Maisie explained. “She’s a very relatable character on the show. She’s young, she’s in love, and she’s got a lot of pressure on her as well as being a teenager and being hormonal and experiencing what a normal teenager would experience.”

Recently, viewers watched as the young character was left feeling humiliated after a bad reaction to facial fillers. Although Tiff admitted to hubby Keegan she’d had work done before, Maisie believes that this is “the final straw” for her character.

“She sees a lot of young people in their 20s and late teens having work done but now she has an infection. I don’t think that she’ll want to do it again. That was the final straw.

“She had a lot of people say you don’t need it, you’re absolutely fine, you’re perfect but realistically if you have a problem with yourself, anyone can tell you that you look beautiful but you’re not going to believe it yourself.”

Maisie added that she was “glad to be given the opportunity” to portray a story like this.

“I’ve been very lucky with the storylines I’ve been given on the show. They always try to focus on issues that are happening in the world,” the young star said.

She added: “Body insecurities are a massive thing that lots of people go through, especially within my age group.”

Maisie talked more about the pressures her character is facing in the soap and what’s motivating her to make certain decisions.

“Keegan’s job has been taking off. He’s really been doing well for himself and it’s making Tiffany question herself and if she’s enough for him,” she explained.

“It’s making her reflect on how her career is going. It’s not really taking off. She’s obviously happy for him but it’s not making her feel very good about her own career and herself at that time.”

According to Maisie, Tiffany is “trying to become a brand on social media.” The soap star explained that it comes from a place of wanting to push her business with Keegan forward, but added that it also “help fulfil the needs and problems she has with herself.”

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