EastEnders murder rocks Square as Mick Carter attacks Zack after warning to Frankie?

EastEnders: Mick Carter fumes at Nancy and Zack’s kiss

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from Thursday 22 July episode of EastEnders.

Zack Hudson (played by James Farrar) took the fall for Nancy Carter’s (Maddie Hill) hit and run despite Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) being behind the wheel of the car. EastEnders legend Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) was furious with the news Frankie had run off and left her sister for dead but after forgave her. As Mick learnt the truth, he asked about Frankie’s relationship with Zack before warning her not to start a romance with him. However, when he later spotted Nancy with him, he wasn’t happy. Could Mick kill Zack?

After revealing she was responsible for Nancy’s accident, Frankie ran off to the bar with Mick following her to find out why she lied.

“I already felt left out by all of you, always whispering, you knew I couldn’t hear you,” Frankie told Mick.

He replied: “That wasn’t about you. Why did you run?”

“He drunk more than he should of. He said that we should run,” Frankie replied. “He only said it to protect me.

“I was so upset, I didn’t want to lose the only family that I’ve got. She’s never going to talk to me is she?”

Mick hit back: “She’s your sister,” but Frankie told him: “I won’t take long to pack my bag.”

The youngster told her father she feared she was like her mother but he assured she wasn’t.

As they headed back to the Queen Vic, Mick told Frankie they could keep the news she was behind the wheel of the car a secret.

But Frankie went on to ask about what the family had been whispering and Mick admitted it was about Linda’s (Kellie Bright) baby.

“You should never ever feel left out,” he explained. “I should have told you this from the off.

“Linda’s baby, it’s Max’s,” leaving Frankie to ask: “And you’re okay with it?”

Mick continued: “Max doesn’t know. It’s just me, you, Linda and Nancy. That’s why we had to keep it double double low.”

Frankie was happy her father had confided in her before he asked about her own love life: “So, you and Zack, are you?”

“We’re just friends,” Frankie told him as Mick confirmed: “Good because you can do better!”

“You’re not going to be angry with him?” Frankie asked. But Mick explained: “I don’t want him to worm his way into our family but his pretty little bow is safe for now. Come on.”

Later Zack was seen meeting up with Nancy in the Square and the pair teased one another about how they felt.

Nancy eventually leaned in for a kiss with Zack reciprocating, unaware Mick was watching them across the Square.

Given what he told Frankie, it’s doubtful Mick will give Nancy’s new romance his blessing.

What lengths will Mick go to in order to protect his daughter, who recently dealt with her split from Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel)?

Could Mick, who was seen glaring at Zack, kill the fitness enthusiast to stop him from becoming part of the family?

It certainly looks like Mick will do all he can to sabotage the romance as new spoilers reveal he makes Zack break things off with Nancy.

Nancy and Zack accidentally fall asleep but she hurries him out before anyone sees him. When she has a run in with Mick and Frankie, both up early, Mick wants to know which one of his daughters is sneaking around.

On learning it was Nancy, Mick storms into the gym demanding that Zack ends things with his daughter, forcing Zack to tell Sharon he was involved in Nancy’s hit and run.

He has to choose between his head and his heart and goes to see Nancy, reluctantly breaking things off with her, she’s left heartbroken and seeks comfort in Mick – who knows it’s all his fault.

Nancy tells her family she wants to go travelling again and Linda is furious to hear what happened with Zack and Frankie encourages Mick to go after her.

Linda arrives at the gym and confronts Zack, firing him from The Vic. Mick arrives not long after and he plays along with Linda’s sudden outrage, as Sharon does the same leaving Zack feeling cornered.

Will Nancy be able to forgive her family for their lies and rekindle her romance or will Mick get his way?

EastEnders is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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