EastEnders new Mitchell family stars as soap airs throwback episode set in 1979

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EastEnders has aired a special throwback episode after Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) finally discovered who DCI Keeble (Alison Newman) wanted him to inform on.

Viewers were sent back to 1979 during Monday's (September 5) special instalment and more information about the Mitchell family aired as they are hit by “economic turmoil”.

A young Peggy Mitchell was the head of the household, trying to keep everyone in check as she struggled to maintain her marriage to her abusive husband Eric Mitchell.

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The episode also showed characters that have never been seen before, including Eric and Billy Mitchell’s older brother Charlie.

Before the credits rolled, fans were informed that Eric killed DCI Keeble's father but she believes Billy is responsible.

Therefore she wanted Phil to inform on his cousin, but will he go against one of his own?

Daily Star has taken a look at the new stars who played the Mitchell family 40 years ago.

Jaime Winstone – Peggy Mitchell

Jaime previously played Dame Barbara Windsor in BBC’s biopic Babs and she is set to play the actress’ iconic character.

She said that at the time it was “a real honour” to be asked to play Peggy and said that her journey with Barbara “hadn’t really finished”.

The actress revealed: “When we shot BabsI got to work with her very closely and became great friends with her.

"Being asked to step into Peggy Mitchell’s shoes, it’s the one character I didn’t get to do with Babs, so it really felt like such an honour.”

George Russo – Eric Mitchell

Eric was always spoken about on the soap but never actually made an appearance throughout its 37 year run.

George previously opened up about the role and admitted that Mitchell patriarch is “resentful” in the upcoming episode.

He said: “I would say that he is menacing – he’s got some issues.

"When you play a part like that you sort of have to find some sort of sympathy for the character you’re playing otherwise you play it at all one level, and one tone, with no layers.

"Not to make excuses for him, I think he’s come up hard and made bad decisions and he takes that out on his family.”

Daniel Delaney – Phil Mitchell

Phil is arguably one of the most iconic soap stars to ever grace our screens.

Actor Daniel went to great lengths to “study” for the role and tried to adopt Phil’s “mannerisms” by going “right back to when he first entered Albert Square in 1990”.

He was totally dedicated to his character and “watched a lot of his old stuff” and some more “present day scenes”.

The TV star previously gave away young Phil’s character before the episode aired saying “He is more timid for sure.

"The audience will get to see and know the dynamic in the Mitchell household when Eric was around.

"He was seen as man of the house and Phil was seen as the understudy as it were but it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be a very different Phil.”

George Greenland – Billy Mitchell

Beloved Billy has been in the soap since 1998 and has become a valuable part of the EastEnders line-up.

Ahead of taking on Billy in the throwback episode, George admitted that it was “so much” fun to get into character and was “excited when he got the role,” as current day Billy actor Perry Fenwick has been “doing it for so long” and there is “a lot of material to reference”.

He grew up watching EastEnders and the soap was “a bit of a staple in his house”.

Geroge added that Billy has been there “as far back as he can remember” and thinks the character will “always be a part” of the show.

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