EastEnders Reiss star Jonny Freeman played three characters in rival soap

Viewers were first introduced to Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman) in EastEnders back in December as the late Dot Branning's great-nephew, who comes to Walford for her funeral.

The awkward character, who held a clear crush for Sonia Fowler, came to her rescue after he helped her secure Dot’s house after discovering a huge tax inheritance bill.

Thinking she would be forced to sell the house, Reiss stepped in and found a way out, but when she tried to kiss him, he ran away.

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As his storyline continues to develop, actor Jonny Freeman can feel confident he’ll be a success in Walford, as he’s already played three characters on another hugely popular soap.

The star has appeared on BBC medical drama doctors as three different characters between 2007 and 2012.

He first appeared as James Raney, followed by character Jamie Dawes, before his final appearance as Neil Traynor.

He looked very different from his EastEnders character, where he is seen as a nerdy, awkward guy who wears cardigans, large glasses and messy hair.

Speaking of his new role in Albert Square, actor Jonny tole the Radio Times: "In terms of my first day – it's not filmed in sequence – and in my very first scene I met Richard the director and Natalie.

"And yeah, I mean, I found myself by Albert Square, standing over a car with the Queen Vic behind Sonia from EastEnders.

“So I thought it was pretty surreal. I mean, that's pretty much the weirdest introduction to any job anyone could ever have."

He went on to praise the cast and crew for making him feel welcome as a newcomer on the show, adding: “The truth is, it's actually a bit of luck because I think whatever job you do, when you start a new job it's tricky.

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“Unless you're you know, not very nice, people are doing the job and you're moving into it and you hope it goes well and you hope everyone's nice.

"And behind all that [on EastEnders], in every department, cast, crew, everyone, directors – they care about the show. And people might not think there's time for people to do that. But when you join something like that it makes your job easy.”

He later added that appearing on the long-running soap has been a huge “privilege.”

"The writers, everyone, is so passionate that you feel inspired every moment you're there. So it's a privilege.”

EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC.


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