EastEnders' Ricky Champ's wife jokes she's 'welling up' with happiness as her husband 'marries someone else'

EASTENDERS actor Ricky Champ's wife joked that she 'welled up' with happiness as his character Stuart Highway married Rainie Cross.

Last night, viewers praised the soap's "clever" social-distancing workaround that let Stuart and Rainie kiss on their wedding day.

And now it seems that soap fans weren't the only ones delighted by the nuptials as Ricky's wife Sammy took to her Instagram Stories to express her joy watching his character say 'I do'.

Sharing a clip from the episode, Sammy even hilariously admitted that she was team "Stainie".

She penned: "Never thought I'd see the day I would well up with happiness @rickychamp2 marry another woman but today was that day @tanyafrankruns I love Stainie!!!!" (sic).

Ricky's long-term lover also shared another clip from the heartfelt episode and ribbed him about humour on their wedding day.

Posting another scene on her story, she shared: "I can't stop watching this @rickychamp2 Why weren't you this hilarious on our wedding day" (sic).

Actor Ricky, 40, married his other half Sammy in 2016 and welcomed their daughter Beatrix a year later.

Before joining EastEnders in 2018 as Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) nemesis, Ricky was  known for his role as Paul Parker in the sitcom Him & Her.

He has also appeared in Game of Thrones in Season 6 as Gatins. In 2016, the actor made a cameo appearance in an episode of the ITV sitcom Plebs.

The TV star is also no stranger to the big screen and appeared in Paddington 2 as a prison guard.

Meanwhile, fans praised the soap's "clever" social-distancing workaround that let Stuart and Rainie kiss on their wedding day.

Show bosses were determined to do the popular characters' big day justice despite coronavirus guidelines making depictions of physical contact almost impossible.

In last night's episode, Stuart was so excited to tie the knot that he accidentally got in the wrong car, which is known to be temperamental.

Before Rainie could warn him about what he'd done, the battery had died – locking Stuart in so that he was trapped behind the wheel unable to open windows or doors.

As chaos ensued, Ben Mitchell managed to get the pair's officiant to the car so that they could be married in the street.

Stuart and Rainie were beside one another as they tied the knot, with Stuart within the confines of the car the entire time.

When it came for the villain-turned-nice-guy to kiss his bride, the giddy couple smooched through the window – each kissing opposite sides of the glass.

Viewers at home were impressed by the novel social distancing solution – especially as it "suited" the hapless characters.

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