EastEnders Stacey death fears as BBC viewers left devastated over sepsis twist

Stacey Slater is set to take on a major health battle after a wound cause by her mum, Jean, leads to a deadly sepsis infection.

Last week, EasteEnders fans saw Stacey preparing to take her daughter to the hospital when Jean became distressed and pushed Stacey, sending her flying into the bar.

The heavy fall knocked several bottle of booze on to the floor, where Stacey landed on ton a sharp edge and was stabbed in the back.

Trying to keep her family together and protect her mum, Stacey refused any medical help for her bleeding wound in a bid to continue looking after Jean at home.

Monday'’s (May 30) episode saw Stacey dismiss Jean's concerns over the injury after Kat Slater spots the wound and wonders whether Jean should be back in a hospital.

After Stacey bumps into Kheerat Pansar in the square, she tells him about the gory incident after he shows concern for her.

Stacey then takes a turn for the worst and collapses to the ground.

It later scenes, fans will see Stacey fight for her life after she is rushed to hospital with an infected wound.

Kheerat accompanies her and is shocked to hear from the doctors that Stacey is seriously ill and may have sepsis.

Fans rushed to social media to share their concerns.

One wrote: “Oh no I hope Stacey will be ok!!”

A second said: “So it looks like Stacey has collapsed following the cut she had after the accident on Thursday.

"I hope that Stacey is ok . I wish she wouldn't be in such denial about Jean and her own health.”

In recent EastEnders episodes, Jean Slater has continued to struggle with her bipolar disorder as daughter Stacey tries to look after her mum at their family home.

The task that's taking its toll on Stacey as her mum repeatedly accuses her of trying to poison her.

Worried about her own health, Jean had been insisting her grandaughter Lily be the one in charge of her homecare, but Stacey put a stop to this after discovering Lily had been taking Jean's medicine.

In heart breaking scenes, Lily stole Jean's pills and knocked them back with water in a bid to not be like her grandmother and suffer from bipolar.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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