Emmerdale boss confirms another serious illness story after Marlon stroke

Emmerdale fans have been left heartbroken by the ongoing journey to recovery of Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock), after he suffered a serious stroke.

Since the terrifying and life changing illness, Marlon has been left with a long road ahead of him.

It’s one that he is finding extremely difficult not just because of the illness itself but also the impact it is having on those who love him, not least of all Rhona and his daughter April.

The soap has been praised widely by fans and critics for shining a light on the issue and for the realistic portrayal of Marlon’s symptoms and condition.

Boss Laura Shaw has now confirmed that there will be a second story coming this year that will see a different character battling a serious illness.

She told Metro.co.uk: ‘Marlon’s long recovery continues, another character will face a health storyline, it will have a huge impact on everyone close to them.’

No confirmation has been made on what the story will be and who it will centre around.

Speaking about the stroke story, Mark told Metro.co.uk at the time: ‘It is a big responsibility because of the sheer volume of people that go through it.

‘There’s a stroke every five minutes in the UK. The difficulty is, as the Stroke Association keep saying, every stroke is different.

‘You can only tell the one story and hope it represents faithfully what happens afterwards and what people have to go through.’

Discussing what else is coming up in the year ahead, Laura teased: ‘Leyla has a huge story coming up where a shocking secret is revealed, it will have huge ramifications for Jacob and Liam.

‘Some of our most loved couples will have storylines that’ll see how they navigate through their problems as strong family units.

‘Liv and Vinny will get a big surprise, Sam and Lydia too, I think the storylines running through the summer are very much about strengthening our couples and seeing them fight for what they love.’

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