Emmerdale bosses confirm harrowing plot for Paddy Kirk

Emmerdale producers on Paddy and Mandy’s relationship

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One plot from 2022 saw Paddy Kirk (played by Dominic Brunt) struggling to move on from his anger over his wife Chas Dingle’s (Lucy Pargeter) affair. The Emmerdale couple has since separated, but Paddy continues to hold a lot of resentment and seems to be struggling mentally. ITV soap boss Laura Shaw indicated Paddy’s situation will get worse as he reunites with his ex, Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley).

The producer of the ITV soap, Laura, hinted towards further issues for the troubled character during an interview posted on the soap’s YouTube channel.

Although the soap has confirmed Paddy and his ex Mandy will soon reunite, it seems the relationship won’t be the happy ending Paddy was hoping for.

“I think the audience, since Mandy came back, have been desperate maybe to see a little bit of Paddy and Mandy,” Laura explained.

“I think we’re going to see those two rekindle their romance and get it on a little bit together.

“But it’s not all going to be love and laughter there with those people.

“What we’ll see is actually, underneath it all, as much as Paddy is putting on that big smile and that he is trying to act like everything is okay, actually underneath it all, it’s not. We’ll see a lot more of that in 2023.”

Could Paddy be close to suffering a mental breakdown?

It seems the vet has been refusing to accept he is struggling to cope, and things might come to a head this year.

Viewers have spotted a change in the character and have been expressing concerns for his welfare.

Earlier this week, Paddy’s hidden pain was clear as he put on a happy front.

After apologising for an outburst, he continued to rage in private.

As Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) accepted his apology, he told Paddy to feel free to express his anger.

“Will you shut up, have a go if you want, it might make you feel better,” Vinny suggested.

Paddy politely responded: “Oh no I’m not a violent person, what are you doing?”

Vinny explained: “I am trying to change the washer because the tap is leaking water and it won’t budge!”

Halfway through their conversation, Vinny’s phone rang and he answered cutting Paddy off and leaving him feeling alone once again.

As he turned to leave, Vinny shouted: “Paddy why don’t we meet later and go for a walk and have a chat?”

Pleased at the request, Paddy smiled: “Yeah I’d really like that! I look forward to it.”

Later in the pub, Vinny was sitting with Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) when Paddy walked in looking downcast.

As his friend left for the toilet, Vinny informed Paddy: “I’ve invited Jacob with us, on the walk, he is feeling a bit down.”

However, Paddy remarked: “Oh right, actually, I have to work now so, sorry about that can’t be helped.”

The villager then walked off around the back of the bar and angrily kicked over the boxes of crisps, before stacking them up again and walking out.

It’s clear Paddy needs some support with his mental health – will he reach a crisis point while with Mandy?

Emmerdale continues on Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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