Emmerdale Cathy Hope in ‘never before seen’ soap storyline as young cast step up

Emmerdale's Cathy Hope is set for her first major storyline which will see a plot "never done before" in all of Soapland, boss Jane Hudson has promised.

The ITV soap producer told Daily Star that Cathy, played by Gabrielle Dowling, will take centre stage with a few of the younger cast members as we approach Christmas and the New Year.

Twin Cathy was born to parents Bob and Viv Hope in 2007. Since then, she has had plenty to deal with in the sleepy village of Emmerdale following the death of her mother.

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Cathy was also embroiled in a bullying storyline when it was revealed she was the one trolling April Windsor over her own mum's death – though the pair have since managed to patch things up.

Now the youngsters are preparing to take centre stage again.

Speaking to Daily Star, boss Jane explained: "A lot of our younger cast have got stories coming up. You get to a point with the young cast when you suddenly realise they’re growing up.

"They’ve been off-screen for a few weeks and they appear and they’re a foot taller and their voice is deeper and you’re like, 'Oh my gosh, we need to start growing them up in the show'.

"For Rosie [Bentham], who plays Gabby, we kept her at 15 for about three years. She eventually went, 'You do know my character is 18?' And I thought, oh my gosh yeah we need to grow you up."

Teasing what's to come for keen Emmerdale fans, Jane went on: "You’ll see a big story for Cathy, Bob’s daughter, with is very emotional.

"It’s her first big story really and it’s a challenging one, and I think it’s one a lot of parents will connect with. It’s one I haven’t seen a soap do before. So Cathy’s got a big storyline coming up."

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Jane added: "Noah and Amelia have got their story going on, where Noah is kind of being a surrogate father to Amelia’s baby.

"Samson is being more devious than usual in terms of looking after himself, and it’ll cause big arguments with his father.

"We’ve also got April’s story as she navigates her world with her dad [Marlon] who is recovering from his stroke."


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