Emmerdale fans beg for star’s return as Charity ‘exposes’ Mack paternity secret

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    Emmerdale fans are begging for Vanessa Woodfield to return to the village as her ex-girlfriend Charity is still unaware of Mack's infidelity.

    Unbeknownst to Charity, Mack cheated on her with Chloe who is now carrying his baby and living under Charity's roof.

    But as Mack continues to pressure Chloe into moving out, fans have taken to social media to demand the return of Vanessa, who left for Canada at the end of last year.

    Viewers noted that it's been four years since Charity asked Vanessa to marry her and are now longing for the pair to reunite, meaning Charity can ditch Mack for good.

    One user penned: "Gonna need Vanessa to come back home and get Charity away from Mackenzie. hate him sm."

    "It never worked in the past but what about Vanessa #Emmerdale," added a second.

    Another person wrote: "Bring back Vanessa for Charity, or introduce a new character for Charity to have her happy ever after. This toxic rubbish she's constantly dealt is mental."

    Someone else echoed: "Oh Charity, The amount of manipulation that man is doing to you is crazy. Vanessa would never ever treated you like this. You had the best and you threw it all away for that."

    During Tuesday's instalment of the ITV soap, Sarah came extremely close to exposing Mack's secret after asking Chloe point-blank if Mack was the father.

    Chloe lied to her best friend's face, insisting that her baby was the product of a random one night stand, meaning their secret is safe for now.

    But viewers believe that Charity is one step ahead of the couple and could be set to expose them as she is fully aware that her fiancé got another woman pregnant.

    "Charity definitely knows something. She seems edgy. If she knows about Chloe and Mack I wonder how she found out? #Emmerdale," speculated one viewer.

    Another added: "I’m convinced charity knows about Mack and Chloe… the way charity is acting strange #Emmerdale."

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