Emmerdale fans horrified as Meena pressures injured David into sex during distressing scenes

Emmerdale viewers were left aghast when evil villain Meena Jutla pressured her boyfriend David Metcalfe into having sex with her during an episode of the ITV soap.

What's worse, grocery-store owner David was injured after taking a gunshot wound and taking heavy medication to recover.

The plot unfolded as Meena tricked Victoria into agreeing David's isolation from his friends and family – anyone that was involved in his shooting – would help him to recover from the trauma.

But when she was home alone with him, Manpreet's terrifying sister swapped David's pills with medication that wasn't anywhere near strong enough to dull his wounds.

With David waking up sweating and struggling with the immense pain, Meena suggested them getting intimate would release endorphins and help her beau improve.

Unimpressed and feeling awful, David said no at first, but later on when he woke up in bed, Meena coerced her boyfriend into sex – and this time she succeeded.

Fans were sickened by the scenes of serial killer Meena forcing David to satisfy her twisted desires, as the desperate character continues to obsess over getting rid of Victoria Sugden by finding a way to secretly murder her too.

Taking to Twitter in horror, one viewer said: "So basically, evil Meena is torturing David for saving Victoria’s life.

"Reducing the effectiveness of the painkillers & whilst he’s in great pain because of that, she pressures him to have sex knowing full well the man’s in pain. EDHQ are sick. He was raped. #Emmerdale."

"Meena's basically a Rapist now as well as a Brutal Serial Killer seriously? David was barely even conscious & obviously in no way able to actually consent in any real way right?" another upset fan asked.

"She totally took advantage of both him & the situation. Can anyone stop her? Vic maybe? #Emmerdale."

While a third disgusted viewer was in shock by the scenes, writing: "Hang on a minute did Meena , Rape David? #Emmerdale."

"Meena is so disgusting #emmerdale," a fourth declared.

A fifth added: "I know this has been said many of times but meena really is creepy #Emmerdale."

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