Emmerdale fans spot clue Faith Dingle is dying and will be killed off by son Cain Dingle

Emmerdale's Zoë Henry discusses husband Jeff Hordley

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Ever since Faith Dingle (played by Sally Dexter) made a return to the village, she has been hellbent on trying to build a relationship with her son Cain (Jeff Hordley). However, just as the mother and son seemed to turn a corner, poor Faith ended up ruining it again. In recent scenes on Emmerdale, Faith ended up getting drunk and sleeping with Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) at the allotments. However, the person who caught the duo in the act was none other than Faith’s son Cain.

The mechanic was mortified at what he witnessed and fumed at his mother for getting drunk during the day.

“What’s going on?” Cain asked as Dan came out of the shed.

Turning to his son, Kyle, the mechanic continued: “Go back to the car and I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Get back in here, Greenfingers,” Faith laughed as she followed Dan out of the shed.

“Oh, hello,” a surprised Faith added as she saw her son standing there.

An unimpressed Cain replied: “The pair of you, the state of you, the state of Kyle’s patch.”

“It looks like a fox has had a mini disco on it with his pals,” Faith joked. “Me and Dan can rake it over.”

Cain raged: “I am disgraced with the pair of you, you should know better, you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Later on, Faith tried to make amends with her son, but Cain was having none of it.

“It was all innocent, honestly,” Faith explained as Cain asked: “What was?

“Kyle’s demolished veg patch or you and Casanova squeezing into that shed?”

“I can explain,” Faith pleaded before her son hit back: “Go on then…actually please don’t bother.

“I just came up to pick up Kyle’s tools, or should I have come back then because maybe you’ve got somebody else booked in, eh?”

“Stop it, Cain,” Faith raged before he added: “Stop it, mother!”

Despite, fans cringing at the romantic scenes between Dan and Faith, many believe Cain’s mum could be hiding something from her son.

Some even predicted that Faith could already be dying or that she could be killed off next week.

One viewer went as far as to say that Cain could have something to do with his mother’s death.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts and theories, Leanne said: “I have vibes that it’s going to be Faith who’s injured/killed next week.”

Bobby wrote: “#Emmerdale why is Faith acting like she is? Clearly, something happened for her to drink herself into oblivion.”

Swalk went on to comment: “Why do I get the feeling Faith is actually dying??!”

Jamie added: “All the Faith scenes this week telling us Cain will end up accidentally killing her next week with his Al feud #Emmerdale.”

He later went on to tweet: “I have a feeling that Faith’s gonna die next week #Emmerdale

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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