Emmerdale heartbreak for Tracy Metcalfe as Nate gains full custody of baby Frankie?

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Emmerdale viewers have watched Tracy Metcalfe (played by Amy Walsh) experience a challenging start to motherhood as she’s been battling postnatal depression (PND). Tracy and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) welcomed their first child in February 2021. Tracy named their baby girl Frankie as a tribute to her late father, Frank Clayton (Michael Praed). Regular viewers will remember Frank died saving Tracy’s life eighteen months prior to Frankie’s birth. Sadly, Nate and Tracy’s relationship has suffered over the past year. And, the new parents will soon face another challenge as Tracy makes plans to move away from the Dales. Will Nate let Tracy take baby Frankie with her or could the move spark a custody battle?

In recent weeks Nate has desperately been trying to reignite his relationship with Tracy.

He’s been attempting to make amends after confessing he cheated on Tracy during a one-night stand last year.

Distraught by the betrayal, Tracy put distance between herself and Nate once again.

However, according to official soap spoilers the pair could soon take another damaging blow.

In upcoming scenes on Emmerdale, Tracy asks Nate to look after Frankie whilst she goes to her PND seminar.

Nate is thrilled to see the atmosphere between them is seemingly beginning to thaw.

While chatting to Sam Dingle (James Hooton), Nate receives some words of advice on how to win Tracy back.

However, later on, Tracy tells Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) she’s been offered a new job in Nottingham.

Confiding in Charity, Tracy admits she’s worried about the disruption to her personal life.

But, Tracy ends up feeling galvanised by Charity’s support when she encourages her to take the job opportunity.

However, Tracy later feels her heart is being pulled in two when she tells Nate she and Frankie are moving to Nottingham.

She instantly sees the pain in Nate’s face when he hears the news.

Feeling wrong-footed and angry, Nate reels from Tracy’s revelation about leaving the village.

Later on, Nate lets his emotions get the better of him and undermines Tracy about her ability to cope in a new city.

As a result, Tracy’s insecurities quickly resurface.

As Tracy abandons all hope of her new life, Nate’s left feeling guilty as he realises he’s crushed her dream.

Will Tracy find the courage to pursue her fresh start? And if so, what will Nate do?

Nate will likely be desperate to keep his infant daughter close, but could feel conflicted by the possibility of stopping Tracy from achieving her goals.

As emotions increase, the new father could end up giving Tracy an ultimatum.

He could suggest if she wants to move to Nottingham, she’ll have to leave Frankie behind in his care.

Will Nate gain full custody of baby Frankie if Tracy decides to pursue her dream?

The emotional storyline is set to see Amy Walsh, who plays Tracy, leave the soap.

The actress is set to leave the long-running ITV series as she takes a break following the birth of her first baby with EastEnders actor Toby-Alexander Smith.

As a result, it’s known that Tracy will be leaving the soap. But, how will this impact Nate?

Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Emmerdale continues Wednesday at 7pm on ITV.

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