Emmerdale revenge plot as Meena Jutla frames Jacob for Leanna’s murder?

Emmerdale: Meena appears to attack Andrea Tate

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Meena (played by Paige Sandhu) thought she had Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) on her side following her split from David (Matthew Wolfenden). The youngster was appalled by his dad’s behaviour, but on Thursday’s episode of Emmerdale, he began to accept his relationship with Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins). Meena was furious to overhear Jacob order the three of them a takeaway and began to threaten him, telling him he should be careful and taunting him over Leanna’s (Mimi Slinger) death. Could she be preparing to set him up for her murder?

Leanna was Meena’s first victim of the ITV soap, or at least, the first viewers saw.

It emerged that Meena had killed a friend from her past, which is why Leanna ended up as her victim.

She found out some information about the nurse, who then followed her and pushed her off a bridge, leaving her to die.

Since then, Meena’s evil side has grown even stronger and after failing to kill Victoria, she murdered Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale).

Meena has shown she will stop at nothing to get her way, and now that Jacob is in her bad books, it seems she wants revenge on him, too.

When she confronted him, Meena asked Jacob: “So when you told me they would be bored with each other soon and that David wasn’t worth me getting upset over, you were lying?”

“I’m dead sorry you were hurt,” he replied, “but dad’s chosen Victoria, I want him to be happy.”

He added: “Stop trying to make me take sides, it’s not fair.”

“I saved Victoria’s life, it was so traumatic I’m still getting flashbacks, and she was so grateful she stole my boyfriend, remind me what’s fair about that?” Meena yelled.

When Jacob told Meena she should try to move on, she once again showed her sinister side.

“Any more advice for me, Jacob?” She sneered.

“You’ve got to accept it and move on,” he urged her before she replied: “Like you accepted Leanna, when you didn’t want to go travelling with her – because that ended so well, didn’t it?”

Shocked, Jacob said: “If that’s what you really think then you’re a cow and dad’s better off without you.”

She responded: “Jacob, I can only pray that one day you’ll find the courage to speak your truth.

“You should be careful what you wish for.

“Soon, you might wish you left well enough alone – like I wish I’d left Victoria to drown in that river.”

But what did her ominous comments mean?

Wanting to ruin David’s life and get back at Jacob, it’s possible Meena will go to the police with “new information” regarding Leanna’s death.

She might put her boyfriend in the frame for what happened to her, somehow tampering with the evidence because she has inside knowledge of what happened.

Meena had kept Leanna’s ring, so she might plant it on Jacob to make it look as though he’d been with her before she died.

Never one to be afraid of lying to the police, she could even tell them Jacob had confessed to her.

If Jacob ended up in the frame for murder, Meena would see it as the perfect revenge on him, David and Victoria.

She’s unlikely to stop there, but after her threat to Jacob, it seems this might be where she decides to start.

Jacob looked terrified of Meena when she turned nasty, particularly when she brought up the disagreement he’d had with Leanne before her death.

Could she twist things to make it seem like he pushed her off the bridge during an argument?

Now that she’s got away with so much, Meena is bound to continue wreaking havoc on the village, and it seems like Jacob could be her next victim.

Emmerdale continues on Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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